5 Hard Truths To Face If You Want To Be More Successful This Year

Crucial Things to Be Aware of as You Strive to Achieve Your Goals

It’s quite easy to drift along in life, doing the same things over and over, hoping we’ll achieve new results and become more successful in the process.

Sometimes we get caught up doing daily trivial things that we lose sight of what’s truly important and what we want to achieve.

The truth is that if we want to be more successful, we have to take new action and also do things better. Becoming more successful will require us to use more of our skills, talents and abilities, and tap into resources within that we’ve not utilised fully.

When I self-published my first book, Hoops and Freedom, it was a real challenge as I have never done it before. While I was happy I had achieved my goal of becoming a published author, I was disappointed that I was not able to get my books into the hands of more people.

In order to have better success as an author, I had to face some truths and also do things differently next time.

How to be more successful this year

My next three books were released as Kindle books and they all became best-sellers, with two of them being #1 best-sellers. What I had learned from publishing my first book helped me do things differently as I was able to focus on the key activities that would lead to the outcomes I wanted.

What I learned from launching those three Kindle books helped me in the launch of my most recent book, Ignite Your Leadership. With the collective efforts of my co-authors, we were able to make the book a #1 international best-seller and that was mainly because we were willing to do what was required to achieve our goal.

When it comes to becoming more successful, there are important things to be aware of that sometimes can be difficult to face. Here are five truths that can help us achieve what we want a lot easier and help us reach the level of success we are aiming for.

  1. Use joy as your inner guidance system. If we’re not engaged in what we’re doing and not experiencing joy in the process, that’s feedback to us that we’re off course. If we’re constantly forcing or pushing ourselves to achieve success, we’ll seldom be in a state of flow, which is when we do our best work and things seem effortless. If we’re not enjoying what we’re doing, it’s time to evaluate why we’re doing it.
  2. Hope less and do more. While hope can be valuable in terms of keeping a dream alive, without actually doing anything, there’s very little chance of achieving the dream. The same also applies to saying we’ll do something. Words like “someday” or “I’ll get to it when I can” does not generate inspiration or motivate us to take action. As the saying goes, “Action speaks louder than words.”
  3. Learn from those who’ve achieved what you want to. Success is often repeatable because there are always common principles involved. We can learn the principles from those who have already reached the success we want to shorten the time it will take us to achieve a similar outcome. This often will require us to invest in ourselves to learn from those who’ve already been on the path we’re on.
  4. What worked before may not work in the future. Just because we achieved a certain level of success doing certain things previously does not necessarily mean those things will work again to give us the new results we want. As things are constantly evolving, we too must continuously evolve and grow. As mentioned in the previous point, we have to continuously invest in ourselves.
  5. Working right will always outrank working hard. There is this notion that instead of working hard, we have to work smart. While there is some truth to that, if we aren’t working on the right things, then it won’t really matter how smart we work. Knowing the right things to do to achieve the success we want is important because then we can be in control of how hard we want to work to reach our goals.

We’re always doing the best we can with the awareness, skills, knowledge, talents, gifts and abilities we have. In order to speed up the process and reach the success we want a lot easier, we have to be willing to face some truths and do some new things. If we do, then achieving our goals will become a lot easier. If we don’t, we’ll be striving and putting in a lot of unnecessary effort for not a lot of reward.

Action Step: Reflect on how you’ve felt for most of the year as you’ve pursued the success you want. Have you enjoyed the process most of the time or has it been a struggle? Make the necessary adjustments you need in order to be in a state of joy more often.

Question: What is another hard truth we must face if we want to be more successful this year?

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