5 Important Actions That Will Make You Be Better Prepared For The Next 5 Years

With so much in our world changing, it is becoming increasingly important to stay up to date with things that will serve us now and in the future.

It appears that change is happening a lot faster now than ever before. Unless we’re able to keep up, there is a good chance that we won’t be aware of how to take advantage of changes that are happening especially with so much new technology being introduced.

I am always reminded of a wonderful quote by author and philosopher, Eric Hoffer, who said, “In times of change, learners will inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

how to be more focused

One thing that is guaranteed in life is change. Things will continue to change as we continue to evolve as a human species.

Here are five things we can do now that will better prepare us for the future. Some of these things will require us to develop ourselves whereas others will require us to become more aware of our thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours.

  1. Eliminate all distractions. The ability to concentrate and focus on our priorities is becoming the most important thing we can do. In our world of instant notifications, alerts, messages, updates and tweets, there are so many more ways to get distracted now compared to 10 years ago. Working in distraction-free mode is the skill that will enable us to get what we want done efficiently and effectively.
  2. Have a vision and overall mission for your life. We often get caught up doing day-to-day activities which can be repetitive and monotonous. This can often lead to lack of motivation and feelings of being stuck or not making progress in life.

    To overcome this risk, we must be clear on what we want our life to be about. Knowing why we are doing the things we are and where we are heading should be the guiding force behind all the things we do. Having a purpose and a vision for our life should be the filter through which we make all our decisions and how we prioritise our activities.

  3. Identify the top five skills you must develop. Once we’re clear on our purpose and vision, we must assess whether we have the awareness, knowledge or skills to get there. We all can do things better which will require us to develop ourselves.

    For example, as a platform builder and creator of content online, some of the skills I’ve identified that I must develop include better communication skills which includes speaking, writing and influence skills, learning more about online technology, better marketing skills, learning how to create communities or movements to inspire and empower people. Putting focus and attention on skill development is critical for long-term success.

  4. Install new empowering habits or rituals. One of the best things we do can is to identify the practices or behaviours that will lead to success and turn them into habits, meaning we will be doing them without much conscious thought. If we set a goal of developing one new habit every quarter, at the end of each year, we will have developed four new habits. Over the span of five years, we will have 20 new empowering habits, which are guaranteed to enhance our overall experience of life.
  5. Expand your network. As the saying goes, “Success is a team sport.” In order to expand our reach and make a bigger difference, we have to leverage the skills, knowledge, resources and experience of other people. Our network will always determine our net worth. By expanding our network, we will be able achieve our goals faster and reach our vision a lot easier, while living out our life purpose. We can start expanding our network by offering to help other people achieve their goals.

If we aren’t diligent in being better prepared for the future, chances are we will not take advantage of the tools or resources available to us to live a better life.

If we apply all these things consistently, not only will we have more clarity on what is important to us, it will also help us be better prepared for the future and keep us abreast of changes that are happening around us.

Action Step: Start with eliminating all distractions. Identify what are all the distractions in your life right now and estimate how much time that is costing you each week. Select the top two distractions and reduce or eliminate them if possible. Your initial aim should be to gain back a minimum of one hour per day.

Question: What are some other actions that can help us be better prepared for the future?

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