5 Keys to a New You in the New Year

As the end of the year draws closer, it’s common for people to start mentally winding down, get into the festive spirit and look forward to the new year.

Each new year brings new hope, new possibilities and the chance to do things differently.

how to win in the new year

So many people want to make a change and do something different with their lives. It is not uncommon at the start of a new year for people to make New Year’s resolutions. It is debatable whether those resolutions actually last and end up making a difference. To start a new venture or to do something different will require a new you.

5 Keys to a New You in the New Year

If you are looking to make a change, here are five keys to a new you in the New Year.

  1. Be clear WHY you want to make a change. You may have heard the saying, “Why comes before how.” Unless there is a compelling reason why you want to do something different, whether that is a new career, relocating to another state or country, or attaining a new qualification, the chances of you sticking with it once the initial excitement fades away will be slim.

    Form a clear picture in your mind of what this new venture will bring to you. What will the benefits be? There has to be an emotional connection to the new change you desire for it to last long term.

  2. Clarify what you’re passionate about. If you have a desire to do something different, is it something you love to do? Would you be willing to do it for free just because you love it?There is a simple exercise you can do which is to create a Joy List. Make a list of 20 things you enjoy doing. It could be as simple as going for walks in nature, jogging or travelling.

    Once you have your list of 20 things, now start thinking about ways you can monetise those things. Are there others who are monetising doing the things you’d love to do? Can you learn from them or model what they are doing? This is the easiest and fastest way to transition to doing what you’re passionate about.

  3. Surround yourself with positive people. While change itself can be challenging, oftentimes it causes others to look at what they’re doing with their lives. If you do not surround yourself with people who are supportive and who want you to succeed, people may drag you down or discourage you because any change you make may also affect them.

    Generally people want you to succeed but they do not want you to leave. Any change you make may cause them to think they will be left behind so it is easier for them to discourage or even ridicule you. Therefore being around people who will support you no matter what, is a vital step when making a change.

  4. Be willing to start all over again. Depending on how big a change you want to make, it may be necessary for you to start at the beginning. This is especially relevant if it’s a total career change. Starting out at the bottom should be seen as a necessary step towards the big picture.

    This is why being passionate about what you do is vital to your long-term success and enjoyment. Starting all over again may mean investing extra hours reading books, attending seminars or training programs, or listening to educational programs. Any investment you make in yourself will pay off in the long run.

  5. Create a mastermind group. A mastermind group is like your support team. You need to have two – five people you can confide in and who will also hold you accountable to do the things you’ve agreed to do.

    Having a mastermind group is one of the core principles of success. Your mastermind group can also offer ideas and solutions to challenges you may face. If you don’t have one, start one within the next 60 days. The benefits will be incredible.

It is a natural human quality to want things to be better and to continually improve ourselves. Having the awareness that change is required is the first step. Then it’s a matter of applying these five keys as you start the process of creating a new you in the New Year.

Question: What are some other things that must be taken into account when making a change in your life?

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