5 of the Best Life Advice You May Have Never Received

Mon Aug 8, 2016

Our experiences in life are often our best teachers. With experience comes better insights, a higher level of awareness, new perspectives and overall life wisdom.

Information on how to live a good life is readily available. There isn’t anything new that we don’t already know is valuable to us, based on thousands and thousands of years of life experience.

There have been many great teachers who’ve left a tremendous impact on how we shape our thoughts and behaviours, and how to create the lives we want.

Good life advice is now readily available. All we have to do is go online and search for inspiring, uplifting and motivating ideas on the different platforms available today.

The purpose of this post is not to present anything new, but invite you to reflect on the ideas presented here and make a commitment to integrate them more into your life.

Over the years, I have heard or learned many things about what is truly important in life.

5 Life Lessons Worth Considering

Here are five of the best life advice you may or may not have received, but if you’re willing to apply them to your day-to-day experiences, it will make a profound difference to what you experience and how you’ll live your life.

  1. You can fail at doing what you don’t want so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love. I heard Jim Carey say this during a university Commencement address, when he was talking about how his father settled for a safe accounting job rather than pursuing his passion for comedy.

    Reflection time: Are you truly doing what you love in life or have you chosen your path (or career) out of fear, which is cleverly disguised as practicality?
  2. Things will happen in life according to universal laws. Just because something hasn’t happened in the timeframe you thought it would, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. It is happening! There is a universal law called the Law of Gender, which states that every seed has a gestation or incubation period. A certain time must elapse before something is manifested. Ideas are non-physical seeds and the same law applies.

    Reflection time: If there is something you haven’t been able to create in your life yet, what are you giving attention to? Is it to what’s missing or what hasn’t happened yet, or is it to the things you can continue to do to make it inevitable you’ll create that thing in your life?
  3. You are never given a problem unless you have the capacity to overcome it. Problems are a sign of life. Those who don’t have problems are no longer with us in this world. Rather than getting worked up or stressed about the problems we have, we have to learn how to use problems as opportunities for growth.

    Reflection time: How are you developing your ability to anticipate things better in life? Those who can anticipate challenges before they arise typically can overcome them easier and faster, without affecting their lives in a negative way.
  4. A graveyard is one of the most valuable places you will ever find. Why? Mainly because that’s where you’ll find potential never manifested, books never written, music never played, and ideas never given birth to. Most of us aren’t willing to step out and pursue our passions and dreams because we make up stories why we can’t. We’re never given a dream unless we have the ability to make that dream a reality.

    Reflection time: Do you want to die with your music still inside you? What are you willing to do starting today to create the life you truly desire?
  5. Our main purpose in life is to follow that which brings us joy. Joy is our inner guidance system. When we’re truly feeling joy, it means we’re on purpose and doing what we’re meant to be doing in life. One of our ambitions in life is to be happy and we usually find that when we’re in service to others.

    Reflection time: What are your passions in life? Are you aware that your passions are clues to your purpose in life? What steps are you taking to express or fulfil your purpose in life in a bigger way?

If we observe people, we’ll conclude most of them are living their lives as if they’ll live forever, meaning they aren’t truly living life on their terms. Instead they have chosen to settle for a life they’ve fallen into rather than consciously designing the life they want.

As Gandhi once said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” We have one life — it’s up to us to make it the best we can.

Action Step: Give yourself time to reflect on the questions above and make a commitment to intentionally design your life the way you want.

Question: What is the best life advice you have ever received?


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