5 Poor Excuses Why People Let Go Of Their Dreams

We all have dreams — things we want to do, experience or have in life. If we don’t have dreams, then we have no chance of a dream coming true for us.

The sad reality is only a small percentage of people actually have the courage to go after their dreams. They fall victim to circumstances, conditions and the environment, which causes them to stop pursuing their dreams.

Not only does letting go of our dreams affect us mentally and emotionally, it can also cause us to:

  • Become cynical or even jealous of those who are going for their dreams.
  • Check out of life, with nothing to look forward to.
  • Suppress our real feelings because we are disappointed, either with ourselves or with the world.
  • Live a life without inspiration or the motivation to get ahead.
  • Lose confidence in our ability to achieve the success we want.

Why most people quit on their dreams

One of our goals in life should be to continuously expand our level of awareness of who we are, what we are capable of, what we need to learn in order to achieve our dreams, and develop the confidence to take the necessary steps to make those dreams a reality.

The greater our level of awareness, the more choices we will have in life, which will support us in taking the necessary steps to ensure we continue to move toward our dreams, especially when things get tough.

Here are five common excuses to be aware of as to why people let go of their dreams. Once we’re aware of these excuses, at least we’ll have the choice to do something about it. If we’re serious and committed, we’ll overcome the excuses we have been allowing to prevent us from achieving our dreams.

  1. Expect results or success quickly. We now live in a world that is driven by instant gratification. Think of instant messages, notifications, emails or searching for answers online. We are so conditioned to “get” things quickly that any sign of delay can be interpreted as a failure. The truth is to achieve anything worthwhile, we have to be willing to pay the price to achieve it. We have to do the work necessary to get the results we want.
  2. Lack of belief. This can be lack of belief in our ability to learn and figure things out, not believing it is possible for us and not believing that every problem we face always has a solution. Our beliefs often create our reality, therefore in order to turn this around, we have to adopt a new mindset and start focusing on our dreams. We will get what we focus on in life.
  3. Not willing to let of past experiences and mistakes. We’ve all had bad experiences and made mistakes we’d rather forget. Being stuck in the past does not help us in present reality because we cannot change anything that has happened. Instead, what we should do is extract lessons from our bad experiences and mistakes, and use those lessons to help us make better choices or take better actions to achieve our dreams.
  4. The fear of failure is more than the desire for success. We can either let fear run our lives or we can be motivated to achieve what we really want in life. If we have the mindset that failure is going to be part of the process and will provide us with valuable feedback, then it should not be a surprise or a disappointment if we do experience failure. Our new mantra should be, “Failure is part of the journey to success.” It should never be taken as a signal to stop going for our dreams.
  5. Not having a plan. It’s well and good to have dreams, which often can be just that — dreams! A dream starts becoming a reality when it is translated into something that is tangible. As the saying goes, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” In order to make our dreams real, we must create a plan. Our plan can include what we need to learn, the skills we need to develop, the people we can reach out to for help and the actions we can take to move closer to achieving our dreams.

It has been said that we will never be given a dream unless we have the ability to achieve it. We have been given our dreams for a reason — to make it a reality in the world. Once we start to let go of the excuses that may have been holding us back from going for our dreams, we will start having magical experiences. If we don’t, our dreams will die within us.

Action Step: Identify one thing you can do today toward the achievement of one of your dreams. Could you do some extra research, or ask someone for advice? Before the end of the day, complete at least one action that you will be proud of for doing it.

Question: What could be some other reasons why people let go of their dreams?

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