5 Productivity Apps Worth Considering

Fri Mar 14, 2014

It’s rare now to meet someone who doesn’t have a smart device.

These smart devices control so much of what we do and the apps that are now available are getting better and better.

There is literally an app for everything. There are a lot of apps that will waste your time and there are apps that will help make you more productive.

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5 Productivity Apps Worth Considering

Here are five timesaving apps worth considering.

  1. Pocket. We waste a lot of time browsing through various websites and sometimes we come across websites that are interesting, but we don’t have the time to go through it. While bookmarking a site can work, there are times when bookmarking can become messy and we lose track of what we thought was important or interesting.

    Pocket is an app that solves this problem. With this app, you need to just click on the site you like and the app will automatically download all the content for you to look at later. And the best part about this app is you don’t need to have an internet connection to access the information. Pocket is a free app and is available for both iOS and Android.
  2. Camcard. If you’re an entrepreneur or business person, chances are you attend networking meetings and exchange a lot of business cards. A lot of time can be wasted entering contact details into your database and it’s still a manual process.

    Camcard makes the process of collecting information from a business card a lot easier. All you have to do is take a picture of the business card with your phone and Camcard automatically adds the relevant details from the business card into your address book. This makes collating details from business cards much easier. Camcard is a free app and is available for both iOS and Android.
  3. Wunderlist. Do you spend a lot of time creating tasks and subtasks for your projects? If you’re managing a project, this may be something that’s unavoidable. Wish there was an app that could manage all your tasks?

    Wunderlist helps you to manage your tasks from any smartphone, tablet or computer. With Wunderlist, you can also keep reminders for all your tasks and subtasks, also known as To-Do lists. You can also share your To-Do lists with others. This is useful when you have multiple people working on projects. Wunderlist is a free and paid app and is available for both iOS and Android.
  4. 30:30. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo. The technique uses a timer to breakdown work activities into smaller intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by a short 5-minute break. The method is based on the idea that more frequent breaks can improve mental focus and help concentration over longer periods of time.

    The 30:30 app incorporates the Pomodoro technique in that you create a To-Do list and set a timer to it. You can choose to break it up into 30-minute tasks, or set your own break times. Once you start the app, it keeps tracks of how long you’re working, and manages your breaks and tasks completed. Once tasks are completed, they can be saved or restarted if it’s a recurring task. 30:30 is a free app and is available for iOS.
  5. Snapguide. It’s common for us to have routines and repeat things regularly. As human beings, we have a need or desire to learn new things, which makes life interesting and exciting.

    With Snapguide, we have the option of learning something new and it doesn’t have to take a long time. It could be from learning a new cooking recipe to learning a new home decoration idea.

    One good thing about Snapguide is that it can be visual with its tutorials and how-to steps. And you also have the option to create your own guides and share it with others. Snapguide is a free app and is available for iOS.

The great thing about using apps is they can help you use your time more effectively and make your more efficient, which is what I love about them. These are just five apps worth considering.

Question: How can these apps help you with your productivity? What other apps are worth considering?


  1. Jane Ransom

    Didn’t know about Snapguide. Sounds fun & useful. Thanks, Neel!

    • Neel Raman

      Yep, Snapguide is a pretty cool app. There is so much good stuff you can learn for free with that app. Thanks Jane!

  2. Robert Macklyn

    Cool applications for productivity but one more app should also be considered, the cloud based hours tracking tool from Replicon – http://www.replicon.com/time-tracking-softwares.aspx . Featured with the calendar based and user friendly interface, this tool is meant for the better usability and manageability to reach out to the respective level. I would recommend you to give this as well a try.

    • Neel Raman

      Thanks Robert for mentioning Replicon. I will definitely check it out. Thanks again.

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