5 Productivity Habits of Super High-Achievers

There are distinct differences between normal, everyday achievers and super high-achievers.

How is it that they are able to manage huge workloads and demands on their time and still achieve so much more than average achievers?

A key difference is in their productivity habits, which they have been able to use to maximize the resources available to them.

productivity habits of highly effective people

Here are five productivity habits of super high-achievers that may be useful to apply or model.

  1. Have a theme for the week. This is something Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square Inc. and co-founder of Twitter Inc. has applied successfully. Dorsey runs two companies and one strategy he has successfully applied within his companies is each day of the week is dedicated to a key function of the business.

    For example, Monday may be dedicated to management and operations, Tuesday may be dedicated to product development and delivery, Wednesday may be dedicated to sales and marketing, and so on.

    Having a theme for the week helps narrow the business focus for the day and minimizes any unnecessary activities during the day, ultimately increases productivity.

  2. Focus on a few things only. The late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc, was hugely successful because he focused only on a few products. It is well known that when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he eliminated many product lines and concentrated only on products that were going to take the business forward in the long run.

    By reducing product lines, it allowed for more creativity and innovation to grow within the company, which resulted in groundbreaking products like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Mac Pro computer.

    It is proven that multi-tasking decreases productivity and reduces focus. There is a common phrase that states, “Multi-tasking is worse than a lie.” Research also states that our brain does not cope well when it has to focus or handle many activities at once. Narrowing your focus can be one of the best things you do to become more productive.

  3. Eliminate the use of paper wherever possible. One of the things Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, placed a great deal of emphasis on, is the idea of having a paperless office. This is a strategy many companies have successfully implemented.

    The introduction of new technologies over the past decade or so, like smart phone, tablets and mobile apps, have made it easier than ever to reduce the reliance of using paper for day-to-day business activities. Having a paperless system makes it easier to store documents or files, streamlines process and reduces the amount of clutter or storage space required.

    With that being said, I must admit I am still a way off from having a paperless office but that is something I am working towards.

  4. Take a power nap. More and more research is conveying the benefits of taking a short nap daily. Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous Italian artist and sculptor, was known for taking power naps, which helped him receive ideas for many of his inspirational paintings and inventions.

    Taking a short 20-30 minute power nap is an easy way to recharge, refresh and refocus. It will certainly help to boost productivity, and some latest research is proving that power naps also helps prevent heart attacks.

  5. Regular exercise. This isn’t anything new or groundbreaking. Maintaining a healthy, physical lifestyle brings immense benefits.

    Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin group of companies, has stated that having an active lifestyle, is one of the main reasons why he is able to manage so many companies. The Virgin brand consists of more than 400 companies worldwide and in order to effectively oversee so many companies, Branson needs to be in good, physical condition.

    Maintaining a physical, healthy lifestyle keeps your energy levels high, improves your ability to concentrate and focus, and can help you be happier and smarter.

In the fast-changing and fast-paced world we are now living in, any advantage we can gain to be more efficient, effective and productive will help us improve the level of success we can achieve. Applying these habits can support you in achieving more of what you want in life.

Question: Which of these habits do you think you can apply to what you do and why?

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