5 Reasons Why Consistency is an Important Habit

How You Can Achieve Great Things With This Powerful Discipline

When we understand why consistency is an important habit to have, we can use it to our advantage.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll achieve great things if we’re not consistently making smart decisions and taking the right actions.

What Does it Mean to Be Consistent?

When we’re consistent, it means we’re dedicated to carrying an activity or completing a task. It means we’re clear on what we want to accomplish and are taking the necessary steps to reach it.

To be consistent is a commitment we make to ourselves and others. It’s about keeping our word to carry out what we’ve agreed to do. Our level of consistency reflects our values and standards.

When we’re consistent, it means we’re doing what’s required now to achieve a better outcome in the future. Therefore, consistency is about repetition. It’s about doing the same things repeatedly over time to reach a desired outcome.

Why Do We Struggle With Consistency?

There are several things that can cause us to struggle with consistency. These can include:

  • Lack of patience.
  • Desire for instant gratification.
  • Lack of clarity and focus.
  • Not having supporting habits or triggers.
  • Having a “all or nothing” mindset.

Leadership expert John Maxwell says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.”

When we know the reasons why consistency is an important habit to have, we can take steps to develop it.

why consistency is an important habit

When I started writing articles related to personal development, leadership and productivity, I started with a clean slate. By staying consistent to writing new articles every week, a few years later, I now have written hundred of articles.

The simple discipline of writing every week has helped me build my content library. That has also helped increase how many visitors come to my website every day. Staying consistent for several years has made a big difference as I expand my reach and inspire more people.

5 Reasons Why Consistency is an Important Habit

Here are five benefits or reasons why consistency is an important habit to have. Knowing these reasons can be the motivation you need to give more attention to it.

  1. It develops discipline and self-control. Forming a new habit can be challenging because it’s easier to go back to what we’re comfortable with. Our ability to be consistent requires self-control, which means we don’t allow ourselves to get off track. This will help us develop the discipline required to keep going.
  2. It builds a higher level of trust. The level of trust we have with ourselves shows up in the level of trust others have with us. Being consistent will help build momentum. This means we’ll also feel good about what we’re working towards.
  3. It can fast track your improvement or development in any area. Consistency will lead to progress, which can speed up the accomplishment of what we want. This will build our self-confidence, which will help us set bigger and more challenging goals.
  4. It will create accountability. Our results will reveal if we’re consistent or not. If we know we’re not on track, we can hold ourselves accountable. This means we can adjust our actions or behaviours and keep progressing towards what we want.
  5. It will help you stand out or be noticed. Small actions carried out repeatedly will amount to big results over time. When we do something for a long period, we will differentiate ourselves from those who aren’t consistent. This can help us attract new opportunities that may not have been possible if we hadn’t been consistent.

Ways to Rethink Consistency

Developing consistency doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are a few things to consider so we can view consistency differently.

  1. Start with small steps. We don’t have to make drastic changes in a short period if we don’t need to. We can build towards something big by starting off with small steps.
  2. Create a schedule or plan to stay on track. If we don’t measure our progress, it’s difficult to stay consistent.
  3. Make better use of idle or free time. We all have the same amount of time every day. Learning to use our free time wisely can help us stay consistent.
  4. Give yourself a break when you get off track. It’s inevitable we’ll get distracted and lose focus of what we’re trying to accomplish. Rather than beating ourselves up about it, we have to learn from our mistakes and recommit to doing what’s required.


We can accomplish anything we want in life if we have the right strategies and take the right actions consistently. When we use consistency to our advantage, it will show up in how we feel and the results we create.

If we don’t develop consistency, the chances of achieving what we want, when we want, is very small.

Action Step: Choose a goal or something you want to accomplish. Identify one action that’s required to achieve it. Create a plan to track that action for at least 60 days or until it becomes a habit.

Question: What are other reasons why consistency is an important habit?