5 Reasons Why Having a Growth Mindset is Valuable

How Committing to Constantly Growing Will Improve Your Life

Having a growth mindset will make a huge difference to our self-confidence and the quality of our lives.

As we are beings programmed for growth, if we’re not growing, we won’t be at our best. This is why having a growth mindset is important.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset is a commitment to be the best we can be and harness our potential. It’s our willingness to use our experiences to become the person we know we can be.

Not everything in life will go as we expect or as we plan. There will be challenges, disappointments and failures as we strive to get to where we want to be in life.

Having a growth mindset means doing what’s required to achieve what we want. It’s having a belief that with the right thinking, strategies and actions, we can succeed in what we choose.

A person with a growth mindset commits to learning what’s necessary to achieve results they want. A person who doesn’t have a growth mindset will not explore new options to achieve the results they want.

Those who don’t have a growth mindset have a fixed mindset.

A simple example is of a person who wants to develop a new skill. If they have a growth mindset, they know with dedication and constant practice, they’ll develop a certain level of competence.

If they have a fixed mindset, they may complain about how difficult the process is and will want to quit. Their internal dialogue is focused on the negative aspects of the process rather than the potential reward.

If we have a growth mindset, we can improve our lives in a big way.

having a growth mindset

5 Reasons Why Having a Growth Mindset Will Improve Your Life

Here are five reasons why having a growth mindset will make our lives better.

  1. It will generate higher motivation. Greater levels of motivation leads to consistent action. With more action, we’ll receive feedback quicker, which means we can make adjustments a lot faster. That will improve our ability to take better actions, which will create new results.
  2. It will lead to greater self-belief. Our beliefs dictate what we’re willing or not willing to do. If we have a high level of self-belief, we’ll take more risks and challenge ourselves even more. As we challenge ourselves further, it will cause us to grow even more, which will result in more self-awareness.
  3. It will improve your creativity. Higher levels of creativity can lead to new innovations and achievements. The more creative we are, the more resourceful we’ll become. This will also help us become better problem-solvers.
  4. It will help you deal with setbacks or failures better. With a growth mindset, we’ll learn to view setbacks or failures as learning opportunities. Our ability to turn adversity into an advantage is stronger if we have a growth mindset.
  5. It will make you more persistent. Having persistence is a quality of any successful person. Not everything in life works out the way we want or when we want. Having a growth mindset will help us become more resilient and show perseverance during difficult times.

How to Tell if You Have a Growth Mindset

There are signs that show we have a growth mindset. These can include:

  • Embracing challenges rather than dreading them.
  • Believing in new possibilities or outcomes.
  • Having high levels of optimism.
  • Getting inspiration from the success of others.
  • Willing to support others achieve what they want.
  • Using criticism or feedback to improve.
  • Being more present or mindful every day.

The Danger of Having a Growth Mindset

While having a growth mindset is important, there is one thing we have to be cautious of.

A growth mindset implies we’re committed to constantly learning. Where it can become a problem is when learning becomes procrastination.

Sometimes, we may tell ourselves we don’t know enough or we’re not ready to do something to move us forward. If we allow our fears or insecurities to stop us from taking action now, we have to address them.

To overcome this, we have to commit to being in action mode more than in learning mode. We learn best from our experiences. Taking action and receiving feedback through our results is a powerful way to put our growth mindset into practice.

How to Develop a Growth Mindset

There are things we can do to develop a growth mindset. These can include:

  1. Using the different learning styles, whether it’s visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.
  2. Scheduling time for learning.
  3. Doing things that takes you out of your comfort zone.
  4. Replacing the word “failure” with “lesson.”
  5. Setting meaningful and challenging goals.
  6. Using “not yet” more often when developing a new habit or skill.
  7. Cultivating a practice of self-reflection.
  8. Focusing more on progress over perfection.
  9. Having a peer group also focused on growth.
  10. Taking responsibility for your attitude and overall well-being.


Committing to having a growth mindset can change our lives in a major way. With change comes new opportunities to become who we’re capable of becoming.

If we dedicate time every week to learning and growing, it won’t take long for us to develop a growth mindset. The key is to start.

Action Step: Look at your calendar for the past three months to see how much time you dedicated to your growth. Schedule time, ideally every week, to your growth. This can become your personal growth plan.

Question: What are other reasons why having a growth mindset is valuable?