5 Reasons Why Having A Positive Attitude Will Boost Your Productivity

It is no secret that one of the characteristics of highly effective and highly productive people is they have an optimistic view about life.

They have a strong mindset which leads to having a positive attitude.

One of my mentors refers to people like these as “inverse paranoids.” In other words, they believe that the world is conspiring to do them good at all times.

Why is having a positive attitude beneficial? In order to be able to change our attitude, we first need to know what it is? Therefore we must ask the question: what is attitude?

developing a positive mindset

Attitude is made up of a number of different things. It is the composite of our thoughts, feelings and actions or behaviours. Attitude isn’t just one thing. In order to have a positive attitude, all three things must be in sync or in harmony. And it all starts off with our thoughts.

The way we think and what we consistently think about gives us the results we get, therefore our thoughts also influence our overall attitude and how we do things. If we have a lot of things to do, rather than looking at them as tasks we have to do, if we’re able to shift our mindset and see them as part of our mission, then we’re more likely to have a better experience while doing those tasks.

When I was preparing to speak at a TEDx event in India a couple of years ago, the months and weeks leading up to the event, I was feeling stressed and concerned about how much preparation I needed to do. As it was an international stage, I wanted to ensure that my presentation was to a high standard. The closer it got to the event, the more I felt overwhelmed and tense.

I knew that if I didn’t change my attitude towards the preparation I needed to do, I wouldn’t enjoy the process plus I would continue to feel stressed. I decided to do something really simple. I wrote an affirmation on a post-it note and stuck it on my computer. What I had written was to the effect of, “I am easily and joyfully completing my preparations for the TEDx event so I can share my message and inspire others.”

Just the simple act of writing positive words totally changed how I felt about preparing for the event. I felt energised and motivated to give a powerful presentation plus it made me think of the experience as part of my mission.

If I hadn’t done it, I would have felt underprepared and may not have enjoyed the whole experience. Thankfully I had a great experience at the TEDx event and I really enjoyed my time on stage. That was the benefit of changing my attitude towards something that I wasn’t feeling good about.

Here are five reasons why having a positive attitude will boost our productivity, which means that we will be able to accomplish what we want to with a lot more ease.

  1. It prevents us from wasting our energy. Rather than depleting our energy on things we can’t control or wasting energy complaining about things, when we take responsibility for all our experiences and results, we direct our energy and focus to what matters most to us.
  2. We are more attractive to others. Let’s face it — we don’t like being around miserable or pessimistic people who prefer to dwell on things that are negative. When we have a positive attitude, people will naturally be attracted to us and even more importantly, we will also attract others who also have a positive attitude.
  3. Others are willing to help more. It’s very common for others to help out people they know, like and trust. A powerful way to build trust and get people to know and like us is by having a positive outlook on things and by also being generous towards others. The more we give others, the more others are willing to give back to us and that all starts with a positive mindset.
  4. We have greater clarity. Whenever we are confused, stressed or overwhelmed, it simply means we don’t have the clarity on what we need to do or what our priorities are. Negativity clouds our judgement. Therefore a positive attitude will help us gain clarity which also helps us make better decisions.
  5. We will create less problems. Ever noticed that a bad situation can be made worse if someone gets angry or moans and complains about it? On the other hand, remaining calm and evaluating a situation with a cool head can often diffuse a bad situation easily and quickly. A positive attitude helps solve problems rather than add to it.

Most times, it is not something external that will help us get the results we want. Rather, it is what is going on inside of us that determines what we will or will not do. And it all starts off with our attitude. By adopting some of these simple ideas, you will see a dramatic boost to your level of productivity.

Question: How else can having a positive attitude help us be more productive?

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  1. Great Post Neel. Having a positive attitude in life and work helps so much. It is amazing how things can change for the better with a simple smile or a feeling of confidence. Thanks!

    • Thanks Pete! I totally agree with you – just having a positive attitude and outlook on things can make such a big difference daily. I appreciate your comment!

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