5 Reasons Why Starting Each Day With Exercise Is Important

How to Stay at Your Best Consistently by Taking Better Care of Yourself

Making myself exercise is a battle I have daily. Some days, I’m highly motivated, whereas on other days, I prefer to do something else instead of exercising.

Having gone through a period where I was not exercising consistently, which resulted in significant weight gain, I have now conditioned myself to do some form of physical activity daily.

It’s rare that I will miss a day, which may be because I have an appointment which requires me to leave home early. On those days, I do notice the difference in how I feel throughout the day.

There are various research and advice on when the best time is to exercise, how often should we exercise, how long we should exercise for, and what types of exercises we should do.

We should always get proper medical advice whenever we make any drastic changes to our exercise and diet plan. I personally prefer to exercise in the morning because I’m an early riser so in this article, I share my thoughts on why it’s best to exercise in the morning.

On the down side, not exercising at all can cause us to:

  • Feel lethargic and not as motivated as we would like to be.
  • Result in physical challenges.
  • Not be at our best or do our best work.
  • Have low levels of energy.
  • Not feel good about ourselves.

The importance of doing some form of exercise or physical activity on a consistent basis cannot be emphasised enough.

Why it is good to exercise in the morning

I’ve experimented with exercising in the middle of the day and also in the afternoons, and every time, I feel a lot better throughout the day when I have exercised in the morning.

On the odd occasion when I have missed my morning exercise, I have this nagging thought throughout the day that I still have to exercise in the afternoon.

That’s wasted mental energy which can better directed towards something more productive, which is another reason why I like to exercise in the morning.

5 Benefits of Exercising in the Morning

  1. You’re less likely to skip workouts. Sometimes unexpected things happen during the day which can affect our ability or our motivation to exercise later in the day or in the evening. By getting our exercise done before we get distracted or get into our work day, we’re more likely to stick to our exercise routine.
  2. You’ll sleep better at night. When we exercise in the morning, we’re causing our bodies to increase circulation and burn calories, which helps us get the proper rest we need when we sleep at night. If we exercise late at night, it will take longer for our bodies to wind down and get ready for rest, which may affect our quality of sleep.
  3. You’ll be more mentally alert. Exercise causes the release of endorphins in our bodies, which helps us concentrate better and be more productive. When we exercise consistently, we decrease our fatigue levels and build up more endurance, which also helps us to be at our best throughout the day.
  4. Your mood will improve. The release of endorphins when we exercise stimulates positive emotions because we know we have done something beneficial for ourselves. This gives us a sense of accomplishment early on in the day and will put us in the right frame of mind to get through our day.
  5. You’ll have better overall health. It’s widely accepted that in order to have a healthy life, regular exercise has to play a major part. As we make exercise a regular morning routine, we’ll experience positive changes to our physical, emotional and mental health, which will lead to other benefits like good relationships, better decision-making abilities and being more creative.

How often should you exercise?

This depends on many factors like our body type, age, medical history, etc. It’s best to consult a medical professional and get the proper advice. Having an intention to do something physical every other day is a good starting point. We can always make adjustments based on the effects we experience.

The key is to have some regular practice where we’re doing something to condition and strengthen our bodies.

Action Step: If you do not currently have a regular exercise routine, do an experiment for a couple of weeks by exercising in the morning at least three to four times. Notice the difference it makes to your energy levels and your effectiveness.

Question: What is another benefit of exercising in the morning?

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