5 Reasons Why Those Who Anticipate Better Will Win Most Of The Time

How to be Best Prepared to Consistently Take Advantage of New Opportunities

With things changing so rapidly today, knowing how to best prepare ourselves is becoming an important skill to have.

Just like any other skill, the ability to anticipate better can be developed with consistent focus and a commitment to continually improve.

What is Anticipation?

It is often defined as predicting the future before it actually happens. It can be likened to the visualisation of a future event or a way of being.

Anticipation allows us to see what could happen ahead of time so that we can be better prepared to take advantage of any new opportunities or avoid any potential challenges. Naturally, no one can anticipate everything that could possibly happen in the future, however we can put ourselves in a position to respond better to anything that may come up for us.

A recent example is during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008 and 2009. There were millions of people who were affected in a negative way, however there were thousands of people who were able to take advantage of what was happening in the global economy, as Tony Robbins revealed in his book, MONEY Master The Game.

As the law of polarity states, if there is something bad happening, by law, there has to be something good happening as well.


There are a number of reasons why those who anticipate better will typically do well most of the time, whether that is financially, in relationships, or taking care of themselves physically.

If we can grasp the idea that our ability to anticipate better will influence the type of decisions we make for the future, then we will be able to take advantage of new opportunities as they arrive. Here are five reasons why we must become better at anticipating the future.

  1. You will predict trends ahead of time. In most businesses, a person in a sales role is asked to predict or “forecast” how much business they will bring in, which is often linked to their performance objectives. Those who anticipate and obviously perform well, usually meet or exceed their target, and those who don’t, usually come up short. Our ability to predict what can happen allows us to make adjustments in order to meet our outcomes.
  2. You will become more creative and innovative. If we know what could happen in the future ahead of time, we can position ourselves better by creating new products and services to meet future needs. For example, we are living longer now than we were generations ago, so providing aged-care related services is becoming more and more popular. Those who saw this trend fifteen or twenty years ago and got into this market, are now enjoying the rewards.
  3. You will be a step ahead of your competition. Those who are not learning and growing will be left behind because things are constantly changing around us. What worked a couple of years ago may no longer work now or in the future. The key comes down to knowing where to go to stay informed and to continuously lead the field.
  4. You will become better at making informed decisions. As we start seeing the fruits of anticipating better, we will gain more confidence, which will ultimately help us make better decisions. Not only will we be relying on our intuition more, we will also rely on having accurate data to make right decisions.
  5. You will continuously grow as a person. We will get things wrong and make mistakes, no matter how well we anticipate the future. With every mistake we make, we will learn valuable lessons and be wiser for the experience. This could mean expanding our networks, interacting more with our customers, or monitoring what our competitors are doing more closely than we have ever done before.

How to Anticipate Better?

Here are some simple ways to start developing the skill of anticipation.

  1. Read more. These can be via industry journals or magazines, biographies and autobiographies, and books related to new technology and trends.
  2. Attend technology-related exhibitions or expos. These are usually very exciting and informative, and a great way to stay up to date on what is being developed right now.
  3. Meet with people who are ahead of the pack. There are leaders in every topic or niche we can think of. Amongst those leaders, there are a select few who stand out from the pack because they have developed certain skill-sets. In order to shorten our learning curve, it will be very wise to learn from these leaders and implement what they share with us.

Once we start anticipating better, it will help alleviate stress, overwhelm, and allow us to be better placed to create the future we want.

Action Step: Reflect on the last time you anticipated something that would happen in the future. If you anticipated correctly, capture why you think you were right. If you weren’t, where do you think you fell short and why? These insights will help you anticipate better in the future.

Question: What is another reason why those who anticipate better will usually do well in the future?

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