5 Self-Help Ideas That Will Not Improve Your Life

Why Using These Outdated Suggestions Won’t Get You Closer to What You Want

Self-help ideas are often perceived as valuable and useful if you want to improve your life. Most times, they are.

There are also certain outdated self-help ideas that will not improve your life. These are the ones you should not buy into, if you want to achieve what you want a lot easier.

The Risks of Not Knowing Which Self-Help Ideas Are Helpful

Knowing how to identify which self-help ideas are beneficial and which ones are not is valuable. Not all ideas are helpful.

The danger of not knowing which self-help ideas to act on and which ones to let go of, include:

  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed.
  • Acting on ideas that will not lead to the results you want.
  • Taking you off track, which will delay the achievement of your goals.
  • Generating additional stress and frustration.
  • Affecting your confidence and motivation.

To avoid applying incorrect self-help ideas, it’s wise to know which ones will not improve your life.

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A self-help training program I attended when I started my personal development journey involved addressing unresolved issues from childhood. The concept is useful because it is based on the premise that our experiences caused us to form beliefs, which are affecting how we operate and live our lives today.

I’m all for dealing with things that affect our thoughts, emotions, behaviour, confidence, motivation and performance. In this training program, the process used was the first one I learned, so I thought it would be valuable.

The process involved deliberately going back into our past and “digging up” as many events we labelled as negative or bad. The intention was to gain a better understanding of why and how those experiences were affecting our lives now.

The process took almost a whole day and at the end, I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. The problem was, not enough time was spent on addressing issues that came up. While tools and techniques were shared to deal with childhood issues, they were not adequate or comprehensive.

I have since learned that digging up childhood issues is unnecessary to achieve what we want or live the life we want. A more efficient way is to clarify what we want, know why we want it, then identify actions to achieve it.

While achieving it, things may come up that affect our ability to reach the outcome we want. That is the time to address what is coming, which may be related to a past childhood experience. Digging up childhood events with no context or purpose for doing so, is not required to improve our lives.

5 Self-Help Ideas That Will Not Improve Your Life

Here are five self-help ideas that will not improve your life. These are based on my experiences, and from being a student and trainer of self-help ideas for over fifteen years.

  1. You need total clarity before taking action. Having clarity is powerful and beneficial. However, things are always changing, therefore you have to evolve as you learn new things. If you wait for full clarity before taking action, you will be waiting for a long time. Action creates clarity.
  2. You have to focus on your vision only. Creating a vision for what you want and the life you want to live, is a key component of success. The problem is, vision alone won’t help. Vision gives you a destination, but you have to know your starting point. Therefore, not paying attention to your current reality is a mistake.
  3. You have to hustle for your dreams. The idea you have to hustle your way to success is causing people to suffer mental, emotional and physical breakdowns. Dreams are important and they will require focus and commitment to become a reality. That should never be at the expense of your health and wellness.
  4. Negative thinking is bad. It’s not uncommon to hear we should avoid negative thinking and eliminate them at all costs. That is an unrealistic expectation because as part of your human experience, you will have negative thoughts. To believe eliminating negative thoughts should be a constant focus is not something to buy into.
  5. Happiness is the ultimate goal. You do things because you want to feel a certain way. Most times, it’s because you want to feel joy or happiness. There are thousands of words that describe the emotions you can feel, both positive and negative. To want to experience one emotion only makes little sense. If you experienced happiness only, how would you know if you were not happy?

Final Thoughts

The right self-help ideas will make a big difference and improve your life. There are also self-help ideas that can do more harm than good. The key is knowing which ones to accept and which ones to reject.

As you get better at identifying valuable self-help ideas, you will make better decisions that will improve your life. If you aren’t wise about which ideas to take on, you can cost yourself mentally, emotionally, financially, relationally and physically.

Action Step: From the self-help ideas mentioned, identify which ones you have accepted as true. Question why you believe they are true. Let those ideas go if you know they are not serving you or getting you closer to what you want.

Question: What other self-help ideas will not improve your life?