5 Signs That Will Reveal You Are Not Living The Life You Want

Things to be Aware of as You Reflect on the Year You’ve Had

As we approach the end of another year, it’s quite common for people to stop and reflect on how things are in their lives, and get ready to make some changes.

Having a regular practice of reviewing what we are doing in life is important because:

  • It will reveal whether we are making progress towards our goals or not.
  • It allows us the opportunity to course-correct if we are not on track.
  • It reconnects us to our priorities.
  • It can help eliminate what’s unnecessary from our lives.

During the process of reflection, if we are not living life the way we want to, we will become aware of things that may be uncomfortable or even painful. These are signs or yellow alerts suggesting we have to make changes in order to get the results we want.


Whenever I have some sort of physical discomfort or pain, that is a sign that something is not right. In recent times, I have experienced pain in my right knee whenever I feel rundown, overworked or under a lot of stress. The last time that happened, I was in severe discomfort and it affected my mobility for a week and my ability to drive a car.

As much as I didn’t want to, I had to take a break from doing the things I usually did, such as working long hours and exercising daily, and gave myself complete rest. I also went through a couple of processes that allowed my to release emotions I was hanging onto that were not serving me. Thankfully, doing these simple things allowed me recover quickly and get back to doing what mattered most to me.

Experiencing a physical discomfort is not the only sign that reveals things are not going well for us in life. Here are five other signs that indicate we’re not on the right track and not living the life we want. The good thing is once we’re aware of these signs, we’ll be in a much better position to make the changes we think are necessary to get back on track and live life the way we want to.

  1. You’re not passionate about you do. Passion or joy is like our internal GPS. When we don’t feel joy or have no real passion in the things we do daily, then that’s a sign we are not doing what we are meant to. If we dread waking up and facing our day, then we really should find out what we are passionate about and start dedicating more time to those things.
  2. You don’t have goals in life. Goals give our lives meaning, purpose and direction. It’s also important to recognise that our goals have to be aligned with a higher purpose or mission, otherwise we will be pursuing things that may not necessarily be fulfilling or rewarding. Having meaningful goals gives us something to look forward to in life and they also challenge us to grow in the process of achieving them.
  3. You let others dictate the decisions you make. The quality of our lives are in direct proportion to the quality of the decisions we make. If we’re in the habit of letting others make decisions for us, then we’re at the mercy of other people. We will gain more life experience and wisdom when we make right decisions, but also learn from the bad decisions we’ve made.
  4. You want a better life but are not doing anything to make it happen. There is a huge difference between having a desire for a better life and actually doing things to make that a reality. If we are not willing to take new actions, then we won’t get new results. This is why having clear and meaningful goals are vital if we want to create the life we really want.
  5. You feel like you are drifting through life or have plateaued. One of the biggest dangers we face is becoming comfortable because that’s a sign that we are not challenging ourselves to grow and take our lives to another level. When we start drifting or “going with the flow” in life, we put ourselves at risk of settling for the life we have fallen into rather than design the life we want. Having a big breakthrough will take our lives to a whole new level.

Our results in life are always giving us feedback whether we’re on track or not. If we know we are not getting the results we want, then that’s a sign we have to start doing things differently. If we don’t act on these signs, then we won’t experience life the way we want to.

Action Step: Reflect on your past 90 days. Do you feel you have made progress towards what matters most to you or do you feel like you have been stagnant? Decide on one action step you will take within the next week to get closer to a goal you want to achieve or to start living life the way you want to.

Question: What is another sign that will reveal we are not living the life we want?

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