5 Signs You Are Really Smart Even If You Don’t Think You Are

Simple Reminders to Help You Feel Confident About Who You Are and What You Are Doing

When things don’t go our way or we don’t achieve our goals when we expect to, it can be very easy to start questioning our abilities or intelligence.

We often tend to be our harshest critic and unless we have a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem, criticising ourselves will only cause us to feel worse.

It’s rare that while in the pursuit of something meaningful and worthwhile, things will always work out to plan. It’s inevitable we’ll make mistakes, which may lead to unexpected challenges and roadblocks.

It’s during such times that we need to remind ourselves we did our best and still have the knowledge, skills and abilities we had prior to making those mistakes. What we learn from such experiences will be invaluable as we pursue bigger goals in the future.

One or multiple failures does not define our level of intelligence. If we’re in the habit of making the same type of mistakes over and over, then we really need to question what we’re doing. On the other hand, if we’re doing certain things on a regular basis to improve ourselves, then those are signs of a smart person.

How to tell if someone is smart

Oftentimes we measure how smart we are based on whether we can do a particular thing well or not. I remember many years ago when I wanted to write my book, Hoops and Freedom, I had never written a book before. The only writing experience I had was writing reports or essays at school, and doing specific projects at university including my final year thesis.

Before I started writing my book, I enrolled in a writing course and was able to develop my writing skills. One of the requirements of that course was to complete weekly writing assignments and share it with other students and the class teacher. That experience proved to be invaluable as I progressively honed in and fined-tuned my writing skills.

Had I not done that course, I may not have believed that I had good writing skills, which I could continuously improve. A decade later, I have written numerous books and published hundreds of articles on my blog, which all serve as a reminder to me that I am smart and have skills I can use to serve others in a positive way.

5 Signs That Indicate You Are a Smart Person

  1. You have passion for continuous learning. As things are continuously evolving, we have to stay up to date with things that may affect us personally or professionally. Smart people are always learning things so that they can get better at what they do and achieve better results.
  2. You regularly self-evaluate how you are performing. Smart people don’t like to settle because they want to perform at higher levels. Spending time reflecting on what we’re doing and how we can improve is an important habit of high achievers. Asking questions and getting feedback is a sign that we’re smart and want to improve.
  3. You are willing to challenge yourself. Not settling also means being willing to take risks but having enough intelligence to not put ourselves at risk. One of the best ways to test how smart we are is to do something we haven’t done before based on what we’re learning. The more we challenge ourselves, the more we’ll grow.
  4. You teach or share what you are learning with others. There is no point keeping what we are learning to ourselves. One of the best ways to lock in what we are learning is to teach it to others because teaching requires us to get our ideas or concepts across in ways that others can understand and also apply. The more we teach, the smarter we will become.
  5. You have a strong peer network around you. People are attracted to those who are like them. If the people we spend most of our time with also have big goals they are pursuing in life, then we also be motivated to think bigger and pursue more challenging goals.

Everyone is smart in their unique ways but some people show signs that suggest they are a lot smarter than others even if they don’t think they are. No matter what is going on for us at any given time, we can always rely on our intelligence, strengths, abilities and habits to overcome anything or create whatever we want in life.

Action Step: Take some time to reflect on whether any of these signs are part of your life. If they’re not, start integrating them into your everyday life.

Question: What could be another simple sign that would suggest someone is smart?

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