5 Simple Things That Will Increase Your Productivity

Ways You Can Boost Your Daily Outputs Without Generating Additional Stress

There are simple things that will increase your productivity daily, which means you will consistently be more effective.

Knowing what to focus on is necessary to work smarter and do the right things to get you closer to an outcome you want.

The Importance of Staying Productive Daily

There are many things competing for your attention every day. If you are productive, it will:

  • Give you a competitive advantage over those who allow themselves to get distracted easily.
  • Speed up the achievement of the results you want.
  • Allow you to have more free time.
  • Make you feel good about the progress you make.
  • Ensure you meet your deadlines and maintain your level of self-trust.

The objective of increasing your productivity is not to do more things. It’s about bringing the best out of yourself consistently, so you can create the results you want in your life.

things that will increase your productivity

One Simple Thing I Have Done to Increase My Productivity Daily

Even though I consider myself a productive person, I know I can continue to improve. For years, I have used project or task management apps to keep track of my tasks.

A practice I’ve added, that compliments using a project management app, is having a daily work start-up ritual. This usually takes up to 20 minutes.

My work start-up ritual includes:

  • Focusing on my “Morning Mindset,” which involves answering questions to put me in the right frame of mind.
  • Writing out three to five goals I want to achieve.
  • Identifying the top three tasks I must complete that day, that’s aligned to my goals.
  • Adding up to three extra tasks I can do, once my top three tasks are done.
  • Reviewing my calendar and visualizing how I would like each segment of my day to unfold.

This simple practice has dramatically increased my ability to stay focused and has helped me become more productive.

5 Simple Things That Will Increase Your Productivity

There are various things that will increase your productivity. You don’t have to try out everything. Focusing on a few things and doing them well will make a big difference.

Here are five simple things that will increase your productivity and support you in reaching your outcomes, without generating additional stress.

  1. Focus on your core genius. Instead of doing everything yourself, a smarter strategy is to identify the highest leverage activities you can do and are good at. That is part of your core genius. It will make a big difference to your productivity if you focused only on that. All other tasks can be delegated to others.
  2. Break your day into segments. Rather than working on different things at a time, a smarter approach is to break your day into segments or blocks. Best practice suggests working on one thing, up to a maximum of four hours. This does not mean working continuously for four hours. It means focusing on one thing for up to four hours before focusing on something else.
  3. Create a daily plan. This goes beyond a basic To-Do list. A daily plan is like a roadmap that keeps what you are working towards front-of-mind. This means your actions have to be aligned with what you are trying to achieve.
  4. Track your performance daily. Using a scoring or rating system daily will highlight days when you are or are not productive. You cannot improve what you don’t measure. Having data to refer to will help identify patterns or trends you can improve. Allowing time for reflection daily will motivate you to do better the next day.
  5. Know when it is time to end work. It’s not advisable to continue working without having a cutoff time. This can lead to bad work habits. Having a cutoff time is like having a deadline. This will cause you to complete what you need to get done before the deadline.

Final Thoughts

It’s not surprising there are simple things that will increase your productivity. The more productive you are, the better outcomes you will produce, without increasing your stress levels.

If you don’t focus on things that will increase your productivity, you risk missing deadlines and not achieving what you want. Applying these simple ideas will boost your daily outputs.

Action Step: Choose one thing you can focus on for two weeks. Add it as a recurring task or appointment to your calendar. Evaluate your productivity at the end of those two weeks so you have a better idea of the difference it has made.

Question: What are other simple things that will increase your productivity?