5 Simple Things That Will Reignite Your Love For Life

How to Keep Your Passion Alive to Feel Your Best Everyday

It’s not uncommon to go through periods where you may feel you need to reignite your love for life.

We’ve all been there. Circumstances and our daily experiences can cause us to feel deflated, mentally drained and have low levels of motivation.

Things That Can Cause You to Lose Your Passion for Life

Sometimes when we feel whenever we take a step forward, things happen that causes us to take two steps back.

Common things that can cause us to lose our passion for life includes:

  • Doing the same things over and over, with no variety or novelty.
  • Not having clearly defined goals.
  • Not taking care of ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Being tired and frustrated with our current reality.
  • Not having nurturing or inspiring relationships.
  • Being under pressure or stress to make ends meet.

Having things that can help us rekindle our passion and love for life is highly beneficial.

reignite your love for life

5 Things That Will Help Reignite Your Love For Life

Whenever we need to reignite our love for life, most times, it’s doing the simplest things that will help us. Here are five things that will help reignite your love for life, which will lead to better experiences and outcomes.

  1. Allow yourself to have quiet time. We have to learn to block out noise from our external environments. Giving ourselves time to be still, surrender and listen to our intuition will help. Our inner voice is always guiding us, therefore we have to give ourselves the opportunity to listen to it.
  2. Reach out to someone who inspires you. We don’t have to struggle on our own. Sometimes just one conversation with the right person can make all the difference. Therefore, having mentors is beneficial. Having regular meet-ups with people we admire and respect will rekindle our passion for the things we love.
  3. Reconnect to your childhood dreams. As we get older, our responsibilities or obligations often take priority over things we truly want to do. While we should never ignore our responsibilities, we also shouldn’t ignore what’s important to us.

    A question we can ask ourselves to reconnect to our dreams is, “If time, money or resources were not an issue, what would I love to do or experience in life?” We have to connect to the future version of ourselves to have something to aspire to.

  4. Learn something new. Whenever we feel we’re not growing or being challenged in life, we feel stagnant, bored and lack motivation. Learning new things is a powerful way to facilitate growth. A practical thing we can do is to get creative by doing things with our hands. This may include gardening, painting, drawing, writing, scrapbooking or cooking.
  5. Let go of any attachment to things or outcomes. We generate negative emotions when our reality doesn’t match our expectations. If we attached to how things should be, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment because things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

    Asking ourselves better questions and practicing mindfulness techniques are simple ways to let go of how we believe things should be.


If we are going through a phase where we aren’t as passionate or don’t love our life, we don’t have to stay there. There are always things we can do to turn around how we’re feeling and reignite our love for life. When we act on these ideas, we’ll feel better about ourselves and where we’re heading in life.

Action Step: If you’ve recently experienced a loss of motivation or haven’t felt your best, act on one idea suggested above. Give yourself time to work through what you may be going through so you can learn from the experience and use it as a lesson to better your life.

Question: What are other things we can do to reignite our love for life?

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