5 Simple Things You Must Banish Now to Move Forward

Mon Sep 28, 2015

Whenever we feel we’re not moving forward in life, it has an effect on our mental and emotional state, and how we interact with others.

Our desire to progress, whether it’s toward our projects or goals, is often affected by things we may not always be aware of. Often, it has to do with our mindset, which affects our behaviours.

When I first started my personal development journey, one challenge I found initially was finding the time to dedicate to learning. At that time, I had a full-time management job which consumed a significant amount of my time during the week.

When I analysed how I was spending my time, I realised that I was spending up to eight hours each week travelling to and from work.

how to accelerate results

how to make progress faster in life


During that travel time, I always listened to music in the car. Even though I enjoyed listening to music, I knew it wasn’t leading to anything long term. I replaced listening to music with educational programs, which transformed my car into a mobile university.

By eliminating my habit of listening to music and replacing it with a new, empowering habit, I was able to accelerate my learning in the areas of personal development, productivity, leadership, team building and marketing within a two- or three-year period.

5 Things You Must Eliminate to Move Forward

While it may seem daunting initially to give up things we enjoy doing to move forward, it’s often the small things we are doing every day that could be inhibiting our progress. Here are five things we must stop doing to speed up our progress and move forward faster toward our goals.

  1. Focusing on what is not working. It’s easy to focus on all the things that are not going right. Our conditioning and our environment has a huge effect on our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If we’re constantly exposed to negativity, that will have affect our mindset, which can cause us to look at our circumstances in a negative way.

    We must develop the habit of acknowledging what isn’t working and shift our focus to what is working or what we want. As the late Dr. Wayne Dyer often said, “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”
  2. Being affected by other people’s opinion of you. A powerful lesson that has helped me is what others think of me is none of my business. This has eliminated the fear of being judged by others and it has also helped me let go of any guilt whenever I’ve made a decision that wasn’t popular. We’re all different and we should be comfortable with the choices we make if believe those choices are helping us move forward toward what we want.
  3. Making up excuses for why things are not working out for you. I once learnt whatever excuses we argue for, we get to keep. When we make up excuses or try to justify why things aren’t where we want them to be, we’re admitting things beyond our control are affecting what we can or cannot do.

    It’s a sign of not taking personal responsibility and being a victim of external conditions. When we take full ownership of all our results and behaviours, we’ll recognise we have the power to design our life exactly the way we want.
  4. Not believing it is possible for you. Our beliefs of what is or isn’t possible for us will dictate what we’re willing or not willing to do. If we don’t believe a particular result is possible for us, we won’t take the necessary actions to make that result a reality.

    To believe something is possible, we must form a clear mental image of what it is we want and be emotionally connected to it. Our emotional state will dictate what we attract to us in terms of ideas, resources or conditions, and it will also determine the actions we should take.
  5. Falling victim to procrastination or laziness. Procrastination, boredom or laziness is often a symptom of not having clarity on what we want or where we want to go. They’re unproductive habits that can often cost us financially, emotionally, mentally and even affect us physically.

    Procrastination is a habit we must eliminate and the best way to do that is to form habits that are empowering. Instead of trying to fight a bad habit, it’s more effective to replace a bad habit with a good or empowering habit.

We all feel at times we’re not moving forward as fast as we’d like to. Just know you’re not alone. Whenever we feel we’re not making progress, we should always evaluate what are the things holding us back and what are the things we should let go of to move forward again.

Action Step: Rate how well you’re progressing in the key areas of life: Health, Relationships, Finances, Personal/Professional Growth and Service or Contribution. For each of those areas, choose one thing you can let go of or eliminate to accelerate your progress.

Question: What is another thing we must banish now to move forward?


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