5 Simple Ways To End Today And Set Yourself Up For A Productive Day Tomorrow

All too often, in our endeavour to have productive days, we sometimes fail to recognise that how we finish our day has a big impact on how we start our next day.

The better we end our day, the higher the chances we’ll have a great start to our next day.

It’s really a paradigm shift for most of us to think that our effectiveness the next day really starts the day before. The best part about this is that these steps do not require a lot of time and the steps mentioned here are quite simple.

how to set up for a great day

Here are five simple ways to set yourself up for a productive day tomorrow by ending today well so that you can start the day in the best possible way.

  1. Address any incomplete tasks. There are many times when we don’t get through all the things we wanted to during the day and still have a number of items on our To-Do list. On such occasions, what works well is to literally acknowledge that there are still some incomplete items and ask, “Do I need to move these to tomorrow or can I cross them off the list?”

    That way we have the choice to either continue with those incomplete tasks or direct our attention to something else the next day.

  2. Have a cut-off time. All too often, especially with work-from-home entrepreneurs, we tend to just do “one more” thing, whether it is to respond to an email, check our messages and complete another task.

    Just like if we are working in an office environment, there is an end to the work day and we must set a time where we say, “Work is done for today.” If you have a cut-off time, then it will be a lot easier to resist the temptation to do one last thing.

  3. Let go of any tension or stress built up during the day. Having an evening or night still with a lot of tension or stress is not good for us as that can have an impact on the quality of our sleep, or even affect how we communicate with loved ones at home.

    Therefore it is advisable to learn some techniques on how to release stress and tension. Meditation is a very effective way to release tension and stress, plus there are different breathing techniques that can help as well.

  4. Review your day and create a plan for the next day. One of the best things we can do to ensure we continue to improve in all areas is to review each day. There may have been events that, upon reflection, we could have responded differently.

    Unless we take the time to review those events, we could repeat the same behaviour or address the situation the same way, when we know we can do better. By taking the time to review our day, we also will have the clarity on what we want to accomplish the next day and create a plan for it.

  5. Have some wind down time. In order to ensure that we get a good night’s sleep, it’s important that we stop taking in new input before bedtime. Typically the last 20-30 minutes before going to bed should be used to relax (and that does not mean watching television or surfing the net), and be in a contemplative or reflective state.

    A powerful technique is to visualize how you want the next day to be like. You also just be thankful and grateful for the day you’ve had and all the things you were able to experience.

Having a productive day each and every day starts the day before. If you’re able to make these steps a part of your daily rituals or make them a habit, then you’ll experience a dramatic shift in your productivity. I invite you to carry out these simple steps and find out just how powerful they can be.

Question: What is another practice that can help us be productive tomorrow?

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