5 Surprising Things That Make Ordinary People Powerful Leaders

Simple Reminders That Will Help Develop Your Leadership Abilities

At this point in the history of the world, there is a huge need for leaders who are driven by their desire to make a positive difference.

Whether it’s in politics, in businesses, or in our communities, there has never been a greater need for more aware, aspirational and authentic leaders.

Countries, societies and communities are defined by those in leadership roles, so the better leaders we have, the better communities and societies we will create.

On the flip side, if we don’t have strong leadership in our communities and societies, it can lead to:

  • Internal conflict and turmoil.
  • Mass revolt by the people, as we have seen recently in some countries.
  • Reduced consumer confidence, which will have a negative economic impact.
  • Reluctance from others to step into leadership roles.

How to become a powerful leader

There are things everyday leaders can do to become better, more powerful leaders. While any new idea can take time to integrate into one’s everyday leadership behaviours, the rewards for doing so will be well-worth the effort required.

Here are five things any leader can implement to take their leadership abilities to the next level and become a more powerful leader.

  1. Be able to clearly articulate a better future. People are silently waiting to be led to something new or better. Those who are able to paint a clearer picture of what could be possible in the future will elevate their leadership status to a whole new level. Clarity of vision that people buy into is what creates powerful movements.
  2. Be willing to step in the unknown. One mistake leaders tend to make is believe they need to have all the answers just because they’re in a leadership role. As human beings, we cannot be expected to know everything, and a true, authentic leader should be able to say, “I don’t know but I will find out,” when they are asked about something they don’t know. Being able to remain in the unknown is a valuable leadership trait to have.
  3. Be able to connect exceptionally well with their team members. As we all have different values, drives and motivations in life, a leader cannot connect with every person the same way. A true leader knows what’s important to each of their team members, and is able to tap into their motivators in life to achieve common outcomes, that are beneficial not just for the team member or leader, but for the whole team.
  4. Be able to create a space for team members to learn and grow. People thrive when they are free to be themselves in an environment where they have to interact with others. When people feel safe from reprimand or ridicule for making mistakes, that’s when they are more creative and able to reach solutions a lot quicker. Powerful leaders ensure that all their team members feel safe to express themselves.
  5. Be able to stay true to their values. Being a leader is challenging, and oftentimes, unrewarding. A powerful leader is able to honour the times of struggle and not compromise their values or what they stand for. Leaders who succumb to short-term pressure often take shortcuts and compromise their values instead of being willing to face challenges head-on. Powerful leaders know they will make mistakes but will not compromise what they stand for in order to get a quick win.

Being a leader is challenging but rewarding at the same time, especially when they are able to inspire people to take action. By integrating new and effective practices into their daily interactions, like the things mentioned above, an ordinary leader will start to develop into a powerful leader. All it takes is a commitment to continually apply these things daily until it becomes part of who they are and how they operate.

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Question: What is another thing an everyday person can do to become a powerful leader?

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