5 Things That Will Happen When You Are More Grounded

How to Easily Create Calmness and Flow in Your Life

The ability to stay more grounded, even when things are chaotic, will help create ease and flow in our lives.

Our experiences in life can test our patience and attitude when things are not going well. Knowing how to remain calm and composed will allow us to deal with our challenges in a better frame of mind.

What Does it Mean to Be More Grounded?

From an energetic perspective, being grounded means we’re connected to our source energy. It means we’re connected to the Earth and have a sense or knowing we’re protected.

Despite what may be going on externally, we feel safe, centred and at ease with everything around us.

At a deeper level, being grounded refers to our mental and emotional states. It’s how we choose to be. It’s a way of being.

When we’re more grounded, we’re secure and stable internally, which will reflect how we operate externally. A key to being more grounded is knowing when we’re not.

Signs You Are Not Grounded

There are things we can pay attention to that indicate we’re not grounded. These signs can include:

  • Getting triggered by events we cannot change or control.
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks at hand.
  • Feeling fatigued constantly.
  • Having poor quality sleep.
  • Experiencing discomfort, pain or inflammation.
  • Feeling spaced out and distracted.
  • Having a deep urge to reconnect with our body or do something physical.
  • Worrying about things unnecessarily which can cause anxiety.
  • Having difficulty communicating what’s on our mind.
  • Unable to remain present and be in the “now.”

When we notice these signs, it should be a trigger to change our mental and emotional states.

more grounded

5 Things That Will Happen When You Are More Grounded

Remaining grounded even when things are challenging will bring many benefits. Here are five benefits or things that will happen when you are more grounded.

  1. You will feel calm and confident. This means we’ll experience less stress and handle challenges in a composed, relaxed manner. This will help us find solutions to challenges much faster, without putting ourselves under unnecessary stress.
  2. You will have a clearer, less chaotic mind. Chaos leads to confusion. That can cloud our perspective and ability to make intelligent decisions. A clearer mind means less mental clutter, which will help us be in a better frame of mind.
  3. You will have a higher level of focus. When we’re not affected by what’s happening around us, we’ll give better attention to what we want to do. This will help us concentrate better, therefore we’ll improve our performance and effectiveness.
  4. You will let go of resentments or judgments. As we’re affected less by events or experiences, we’ll be in better control of our emotional state. This means it’s unlikely others will trigger us and we’ll maintain a healthy attitude.
  5. You will feel recharged and re-energised. The more we can return to our true source of power, the more energy we’ll have. When we’re more grounded, we’ll feel fresher and also more connected to our body and to our intuition.

Ways to Become More Grounded

There are simple things we can do to get more grounded. As we practice these things, we’ll condition ourselves to not get affected by things outside of us.

  1. Connect to the earth by walking on the ground with no shoes.
  2. Focus on your breathing by taking in deep breaths through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth.
  3. Connect to water by either taking a cold shower or being in the ocean.
  4. Practice standing like a tree, where you push your body’s weight down into your feet, without collapsing or hunching your posture. You can imagine roots growing out the bottom of your feet, going deep into the ground.
  5. Focus on your crown. Since you release energy from the top of your body, you can feel grounded again by placing one hand on the top of your head. It may help to close your eyes for a few minutes and imagine feeling strong, composed and relaxed again.


When we’re more grounded, we feel better and sometimes, we may not know why. Being more grounded implies we’re connected to our true selves and our inner power.

That will help us deal with whatever is going around us a lot better than if we weren’t grounded. If we’re not grounded, it’s more likely things or people will affect us and cause us to not be at our best.

Action Step: Choose any of the suggestions listed to ground yourself next time you notice the signs you’re not grounded. Alternatively, you can do something else that helps you feel calm, relaxed and connected to yourself.

Question: What may be other things that will happen when you are more grounded?