5 Things That Will Happen When You Live With Intention

How You Can Create Better Experiences By Making This a Daily Practice

The ability to live with intention every day will enrich our lives, which means we will create better experiences.

There is a huge difference between going through our lives with intention and having no intention.

What Does it Mean to Live With Intention?

Living with intention means being the deliberate creator of our daily experiences and our lives. It’s about knowing what’s important to us and always giving our attention to it.

To live with intention is a choice we have to make. It’s about knowing what we want and doing the best we can to focus on it.

Throughout our lives, we’ll have experiences or events that can take us off track. If we’re intentional about how we want to live our lives, it’s easier to refocus and recommit to what’s important.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Live With Intention?

Even though living with intention is a choice, it’s beneficial to know what can happen if we don’t. These can include:

  • Reacting or being triggered by events or things easily.
  • Not knowing our priorities.
  • Focusing on things that aren’t important.
  • Having lower levels of motivation and ambition.

As we live with intention every day, we’ll have a greater sense of purpose or meaning for the things we do.

live with intention

Many years ago when I had a corporate career, I wasn’t intentional with how I started my days. I was always in a rush in the mornings, as I got myself ready for work. That didn’t leave me much time to set my intentions. My days were chaotic, stressful and not a lot of fun.

Since the first hour is the most important hour of our day, I gradually introduced new practices in the mornings. Initially, it was doing a 10-minute meditation before getting ready for work. That helped me relax and be in a better frame of mind.

Once I noticed the difference it was making to my day, I increased how much time I gave myself in the mornings. I doubled how much time I spent setting my intentions and continued to experience better days.

Now, I give myself an hour to start my day the right way, with clear intentions and outcomes.

5 Things That Will Happen When You Live With Intention

Having experienced the benefits myself, living with intention is highly recommended. Here are five things you can expect to happen when you live with intention.

  1. You will have higher levels of clarity. We all need clarity in our lives. Living with intention implies we know what’s important or what we want. That will help guide what we give our attention to.
  2. You will improve your ability to focus. Greater clarity means knowing what to do to get to where we want to go or achieve what we want. That will help us stay focused on what’s important and take the right actions.
  3. You will have a calm, confident presence. When we know what’s important and what we want to achieve, we won’t have confusion. That’s means we’ll be more relaxed, knowing what needs to be done.
  4. You will progress faster towards what you want. As higher clarity and better focus will drive our actions, we will consistently do the right things. With the right actions comes faster progress, which means we’ll achieve what we want sooner.
  5. You will keep things in perspective. Everyone has bad days. Sometimes unexpected things happen. Instead of making assumptions or creating false meanings, we can always reconnect to our intentions. That will help us recommit to what’s important, while keeping things in perspective.

Things You Can Do to Live With Intention

Here are examples of things you can do to live with intention now.

  • Set meaningful goals.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques.
  • Start each day visualising how you want your day to unfold.
  • Have clear priorities every day.
  • Pay closer attention to what you eat and drink daily.
  • Identify new habits to develop.
  • Eliminate habits not serving you.

Final Thoughts

We can choose to live with intention, or we can be unintentional and reactive. One way will lead us to what we want a lot easier, while the other way will make it more difficult.

If we want to create better experiences and live an enriched life, learning to live with intention will make a big difference.

Action Step: Choose one thing you want to be more intentional about. It can be your health, how you start your day, the amount of sleep you get every night. Focus on the thing you choose until it becomes a daily practice for you.

Question: What other things can happen when you live with intention?