5 Things That Will Help You Live Life With More Purpose

Tue Feb 19, 2019

Being able to live life with more purpose is something we’d love to experience more of every day.

It’s unlikely we’ll live life with more purpose if we’re not intentional about what and how we do things daily.

Those who live life with more purpose:

  • Have a more positive outlook on life.
  • Are healthier mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • Tend to be happier.
  • Are more generous and service-minded.
  • Feel more successful.
  • Often leave behind a legacy for others to enjoy.

What Does it Mean to Live Life With More Purpose?

When we’re living life with more purpose, we:

  • Have a higher level of clarity.
  • Do work that matters or is meaningful to us.
  • Find it easier to make decisions.
  • Have a high level of trust in ourselves.
  • Are driven to serve and make a bigger difference.

Even though we want to experience more passion in everything we do, we don’t always take the necessary steps. Knowing a few simple things we can do daily to live life with more passion is highly beneficial.

live life with more purpose

how to live life with more purpose

Many years ago, I didn’t know what would help me experience more passion in my life. I needed to discover things about myself and reconnect to what brought me joy.

Having a career I wasn’t passionate about, I always knew there was something more important I was meant to do. It took me a number of years to find what it was.

It was by attending seminars and workshops, working with mentors and coaches, taking online courses and reading books that I discovered what it meant to live life with more purpose.

As each of our experiences will be different, it’s helpful to know how we can live life with more purpose.

5 Things You Can Do to Live Life With More Purpose

Here are five things you can do to reconnect to what matters most so you can live life with more purpose.

  1. Develop a higher level of self-awareness. A high level of self-awareness often means higher levels of clarity. This can include being clear on our values, visions, goals, what brings us joy and the standards by which we want to show up daily. We develop a higher level of self-awareness through study and learning.
  2. Dedicate yourself and your life to something bigger than yourself. It’s common to pursue things for personal gain or benefit. Anything that only benefits us often gives us short-term joy. We’re more likely to experience long-term joy and true fulfilment when we’re of service to others. Having a calling, mission or purpose in life is the most powerful way to be dedicated to something beyond ourselves.
  3. Decide what living life with more purpose means to you. As we’re all unique, we’ll have a different meaning for living life with more purpose. Once we know what it means to us, it’ll be a lot easier to make decisions and we’re less likely to feel stuck or stagnant in life.
  4. Design your life in alignment with who you are and who you aspire to be. As we develop a higher level of self-awareness, there will be things we’ll identify that aren’t serving us. There may also be people who aren’t in alignment with who we want to be.This is where we have to challenge ourselves to make tough decisions. As we live more in alignment with who we are, life will become simpler and more enjoyable.
  5. Do things meaningful to you. This means learning to trust our intuition or gut feelings. As we live life with more purpose, we’ll receive new insights and inspirations. This is where having clear intentions but low attachments to outcomes is important.As we live life with more purpose, we’ll value the journey we’re on and the growth we experience along the way. This is how we’ll become the best version of ourselves.


One of the greatest gifts we have is our ability to choose how we want to live our lives. If what we’re doing or how we’re living our lives isn’t giving us joy or fulfilment, we have to take a new approach. We can live life with more purpose and passion by taking small actions daily.

When we live life with more purpose, we’re of more value to those in our lives and we’ll also do things that matter more in the long run.

Action Step: Evaluate what are the things that make you feel passionate and that you’re living life on purpose. Use these ideas to challenge yourself to live your life with more purpose.

Question: What are other things we can do to live life with more purpose?


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