5 Things To Eliminate From Your Life That Will Make You More Successful

How to Make Progress Faster By Removing Things and Doing Less

There is a common misconception that in order to get further ahead, we have to constantly be doing more and continuously adding more things to our lives.

While it’s an innate human quality to desire more in life, that doesn’t necessarily mean pursuing more at the expense of the things that really matter, like:

  • The quality of our closest relationships.
  • The quality of our physical, emotional and mental health.
  • Doing work that brings us true joy and fulfilment.
  • Making a difference in some way.

If we keep adding more to our already busy lives, it’s obvious that it’ll eventually affect us in some way. For a lot of people, that results in additional stress and burnout, which not surprisingly, affects how much progress they’re able to make.

Knowing when to take on more things and when to eliminate things from our lives is a key distinction that can affect how successful we are.

How to be more successful by doing less

I learned the importance of eliminating things from my life when I was introduced to the idea of designing our environments just the way we want them. Our environments will either add energy to our lives or they will deplete energy.

I found that eliminating things from my life was a lot easier than adding or improving things. Over time, I progressively started removing things that were not serving me. This was not an easy process because it meant removing relationships that were distracting, draining or unproductive.

While making improvements to our environments is an ongoing process, the more intentional we are about what to keep and what not to keep, the better our chances of achieving the success we want easier and faster.

5 Things to Consider Eliminating From Your Life

  1. Eliminate uncertainty, doubt and fear. These destructive thought habits or patterns are the result of a lack of clarity. To get ahead faster, we must have a higher level of clarity and be more intentional in what we do and how we do them. Lack of clarity causes mental confusion and leads to non-productive habits such as procrastination, overwhelm and lack of action.
  2. Eliminate context switching. The idea of multitasking has been proven to reduced our productivity and effectiveness because we’re constantly switching tasks. When our brains is forced to constantly change focus, we are more likely to get distracted, which affects how much we get done.
  3. Eliminate negative people or time wasters. There are people who thrive on negativity. These people are energy vampires and we must avoid them at much as we can. The amount of time we can save by not getting sucked into meaningless conversations can be used to do something productive instead.
  4. Eliminate unhealthy eating and drinking habits. It’s hard to stay alert and be at our best if we’re not taking care of ourselves physically. In order to get things done, we must generate enough energy consistently. Foods to avoid may include those that have high levels of saturated or unhealthy fats and sugar. Drinks that we should avoid include those that make our bodies more toxic.
  5. Eliminate activities not aligned to your goals and bigger purpose in life. These may include unnecessary meetings, watching mindless television programs, or surfing the internet without a clear objective. The more of these activities we eliminate, the more time we’ll free up to do work that really matters.

The better we get at eliminating things from our lives that do not serve us, the more likely we’ll start doing things to move us forward faster. If we continue adding more and more things, without eliminating some things, the harder it’ll be for us to focus on activities that will lead us to the success we want. A valuable mantra to live by is “Less is More.”

Action Step: Decide on one thing you’ll eliminate this week. Start off with something that’s small or easy, which can help boost your confidence to eliminate more things from your life.

Question: What’s something else that we should consider eliminating from our lives?

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