5 Things to Remember If You Are Feeling Unmotivated

If we’re honest with ourselves, we all go through stages where we don’t feel our best or aren’t performing at our best.

Feeling rundown or burnt out certainly contributes to our lack of motivation.

It’s not uncommon that as we get closer to the end of a year, we start feeling mentally exhausted and also start looking forward to the end of the year. The good news is that you’re not alone and it’s not something you have to go through on your own.

how to stay motivated

Whenever I am feeling rundown or start seeing symptoms of lack of motivation, I remind myself of a few things which allows me to refocus and recommit to doing what’s necessary to get motivated again. Here are five of those reminders that helps me, which I hope will also help you.

  1. I’ve got through this before and will get through this again. It’s always good to know that being unmotivated is something everyone experiences so it isn’t anything that I cannot handle. If I’ve experienced something similar before and got through it, then I know it’s only a matter of time and a matter of making some smart choices that will guide me through this temporary setback.
  2. The law of rhythm is at play. There is one constant in life and that is change! One of the laws of the universe is the law of rhythm which states there is a cycle or rhythm to everything in life. For example, night follows day, bad times will eventually lead to good times. I remind myself that when I am on a down swing, I know the swing will change and things will get better. The good times are coming and to focus on them.
  3. I am getting valuable feedback. Oftentimes, lack of motivation is a result of being over-worked, feeling fatigued or run down or just being tired. It is important then to listen to the feedback and take the appropriate action, which could be to have a break, get some rest and do something fun. Allowing ourselves to refresh and rejuvenate is a key part of maintaining high levels of motivation.
  4. One small step is all I need to get going again. Sometimes feeling unmotivated can be a result of inactivity or lack of action. All it takes is to experience a small win and I’m back into the swing of things again. It is amazing how just doing one small thing can make all the difference in getting back our motivation. It really comes down to going back to basics. Ask yourself, ”Am I doing all the things I know I should be doing?”
  5. Determine what lesson I need to learn right now. Sometimes it helps to just take a step back or stop for a moment and receive the message I need to. Asking myself, “What’s the lesson in this?” or “What’s the opportunity that this experience is giving me?” allows me to check if I’m repeating any destructive patterns or making mistakes I may have made before. A quick introspection helps me assess what is going on and learn from the experience.

Feeling unmotivated is not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. We all experience it however the key is to be aware of the signs of lack of motivation and know what has worked for us in the past. These reminders should go a long way in helping you address any signs of low motivation.

Question: What is another reminder to help us if we’re feeling unmotivated?

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