5 Things You Can Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

How to Quickly Shift Your Focus if You Are Feeling Discouraged and Unmotivated

We’ve all had experiences where we’d been trying to achieve something but no matter what we did, we didn’t make any progress.

When we have those types of experiences, we can quickly feel disappointed, discouraged and unmotivated. If we don’t manage our emotions well and shift our focus, it can cause us to give up and eventually quit on what we’re trying to achieve.

There will be times when we’ll struggle to get through the middle stages of a project. During such times, we need to be able to deal with our struggles and continue moving forward.

The costs of giving up on things important to us include:

  • It will erode our self-confidence.
  • It can affect others who may be depending on us reaching a particular outcome.
  • It will make us less likely to take on bigger risks in life.
  • It can hinder our ability to do our best work consistently.
  • It can cause us to question our ability to create what we want.

As the Dalai Lama says, “Remember that sometimes, not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

We go through ups and downs in life, and the good news is, there are things we can do to shift our focus when we feel like giving up.

How to keep going when you feel like giving up on life

There have been many occasions over the past few years when I’ve wanted to quit on creating new content each week for my website. At times, it has been mentally exhausting to put in the hours each week or come up with new content ideas.

Each time I’ve felt like giving up, I’ve always come back to “why” I chose to create content for my website. Knowing that I’m making a positive difference continues to inspire me and I know that if I am inspired to take a new direction, it will be because of a new challenge rather than me quitting on what I am doing now.

5 Things You Can Do Whenever You Want to Give Up

  1. Identify the real reasons why you’re feeling the way you are. At a surface level, it may be things like we don’t have enough time, support, knowledge or resources. However, at a deeper, unconscious level, it may be because of the beliefs we have about ourselves, others or the world. The more awareness we have around this, the quicker we’ll be able to shift our focus.
  2. Ask yourself more empowering questions. Usually when we want to give up on something, it’s because we’re asking ourselves disempowering questions. Better questions to ask may include, “What outcome am I trying to achieve?” or “What were my reasons for starting this task or project?” or “What are some potential consequences if I quit now and what are some potential rewards if I keep going?”
  3. Take one new action. Sometimes all it takes is for us to do something different. It can be something really small. A new action may even be taking a short break from what we’re doing. One new action can gets us back into momentum again.
  4. Consider getting help. One thing we should always remember is that we’re not alone. Help is available to us if we’re willing to ask for it. Help can be in the form of emotional support or it may involve delegating tasks to other people. The more we’re willing to ask for help, the quicker we’ll be able to overcome our struggles.
  5. Acknowledge that challenges are part of the journey to something worthwhile. I’m reminded of the saying, “If it was easy to live our dream life, then everyone would be living it.” The reality is there will be struggles and challenges in any venture we take on. We have to embrace those challenges and continue being persistent as we work our way through them.

If we learn to acknowledge and embrace the times we struggle, then shift our focus to the outcomes we want, we’re less likely to give up on what’s important to us. If we’re unable to shift our focus when we’re feeling discouraged and unmotivated, chances are we’ll continue on a downward spiral and eventually quit on what we’re trying to achieve.

Action Step: If you’re working on a task or project that’s weighing you down at the moment, choose one of the things from the list above to work your way through your struggles. Keep a record of what you’re doing for future reference.

Question: What is something we can do whenever we feel like giving up on something?

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