5 Things You Will Learn When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

What You Can Expect to Happen When You Intentionally Make Yourself Uncomfortable

As human beings, we love to feel comfortable. Whenever we experience something that’s uncomfortable, it can generate a range of unpleasant emotions.

To even suggest that being uncomfortable can be a good thing may bring up a lot of resistance. We feel better when we’re comfortable. We all have a natural state or a comfort zone, in which we know we can cope with the demands of our lives.

The truth is resistance is what makes us stronger. If we reflect back on our life experiences, we learned more from our struggles rather than from our successes.

We strengthen a physical muscle by putting it under stress, which will allow it to increase how much resistance it can handle. Similarly, our capacity to cope with more things in our lives is developed by putting ourselves in situations which will cause us to grow stronger.

Things to Be Aware of About Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

  • It’s not something that will get easier quickly. It will take time therefore, consistent action is the key to maintaining progress.
  • Fear and doubt will always be present. It’s up to us to acknowledge what we’re feeling and continue taking action to move past our fears or doubts.
  • Having someone like a mentor or a coach can be helpful if we’re trying to raise our comfort zone.

The good news is that even though we may feel uncomfortable when doing something that’s challenging us, we will always learn valuable lessons.

Reasons to step outside your comfort zone

During the launch of my book, Ignite Your Leadership, one of the strategies my co-authors and I used to generate interest was to offer a free virtual summit on the topic of leadership. That was something we hadn’t done previously so it was a stretch for all of us.

We interviewed at least three experts each and I had the task of editing all the interviews and creating the website where people could register and watch the interviews over a two-week period. I could have outsourced both the video editing and the website creation tasks, however it was something I wanted to learn.

As there was a deadline attached to these tasks, I had no other choice but to learn how to edit and upload videos, along with designing an attractive website. It took me about a month to get comfortable with doing everything that needed to get done for the summit.

The good news was the summit was very successful and delivered great value to those who registered. It also helped Ignite Your Leadership become a #1 international best-selling book on Amazon. I also learned new things about video editing and website creation.

What You Will Learn When You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

  1. You will learn what you are capable of handling in life. We always can cope with a lot more than we think we can. Whenever we’re in a situation where we have no other option but to confront what we have to, we’ll always figure out what needs to be done and how we can overcome the situation. We’ll discover we have the capacity to take on new risks.
  2. You will learn to embrace change better. When we’re outside our comfort zone, we have to adapt to new situations quickly. The more new situations we face, the more we’ll be required to change quickly in order to achieve certain outcomes. As change is constant in life, it will prepare us to deal with the future better.
  3. You will learn to develop a higher level of resilience. Not everything in life goes the way we want it to. Sometimes when we are outside our comfort zone, we can experience failure or disappointment. As failure is part of the journey to success, the more we fail, the more emotional strength and resilience we’ll build.
  4. You will learn to tap into new levels of creativity within yourself. As we increase our capacity to take on new risks, we’ll be required to get better at solving problems. This may mean being more creative as we look for solutions to the challenges we face. As our creativity increases, our comfort zone will also increase.
  5. You will learn to make better decisions. As we learn best from our experiences, the more we challenge ourselves to go beyond what we’re familiar with, the more we’ll know about what is or isn’t in our best interest. These decisions can include how to better use our time, what to say yes to and what actions to take in order to continue making progress in life.

We’re always learning lessons in life and our greatest lessons can come from doing things that are beneficial but also make us uncomfortable. If we continue expanding our comfort zone, we’ll be more inclined to do the things we want to in life rather than settle for doing mundane things.

Action Step: Choose something new you want to do that you know will be beneficial to you within the next week. Keep track of what you experience, especially your emotions, and continue taking action until you achieve the outcome you want.

Question: What could be another lesson we’ll learn when we step outside of our comfort zone?

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