5 Truths That Will Keep You Going When Life is Difficult

Things You Can Remind Yourself During Challenging Times

When things don’t our way or when we go through challenging times, we may believe life is difficult.

Challenges times can include:

  • Facing a health issue, either personally or by someone close to us.
  • The loss of a friend or loved one.
  • Relationship struggles, either personal or professional.
  • Pressure working at a job or running a business.
  • Financial difficulties that may generate additional stress.

The Dangers of Believing Life is Difficult

Unless we have a healthy mindset or attitude, holding onto the belief life is difficult can cause:

  • Reduced motivation to do the things required to move forward in life.
  • Lower self-confidence or willingness to take new risks.
  • Emotions of sadness, unease, anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.
  • Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.
  • Additional strain on relationships.

Our experience of life often comes down to our beliefs, the choices we make and the actions we take daily.

Going through challenging times will be something we’ll all experience in our lives. It’s helpful to have reminders or truths we can refer back to, that can get us through those challenging times.

life is difficult

5 Truths to Come Back to When Life is Difficult

Here are five things we can remind ourselves whenever we’re going through a period in life that’s challenging.

  1. Life is changing or evolving and so can you. Whenever something isn’t evolving, it’s in a state of decline. The challenges we face in life are opportunities for us to change and evolve. As we face our challenges, it will require us to use our inner strength and resources to overcome them.
  2. Your reality will change only after you change first. Our reality today is the result of our past thinking, choices and actions. If we want a new reality, we have to change first. Change has to happen internally first before we can experience it externally. This means we have to generate new thoughts and emotions and take new actions.
  3. Your problems aren’t the real problem. It’s our perception of the problems we’re facing that’s the real problem. Perception is our point of view. When we change our point of view, the way we’ll see our problems will also change. A question we can ask ourselves is, “How can I view my problem or challenge from a different point of view?”
  4. It’s okay to have low points but it’s not okay to stay there. Low points give us a better appreciation of the high points in our lives. When we experience low points, rather than trying to resist them, it’s better to acknowledge them. We’ll then be in a much better position to make new choices and take new actions.
  5. The way out is to create a new reality. Sometimes the way out is through. If we don’t like a situation, we can focus on what we want instead. Whenever something isn’t going well, there’s always an opposite reality we can create. Our job is to focus on what we want rather than what’s not going well or what’s not right.

Simple Actions You Can Take When Life is Difficult

  1. Speak to someone about the challenge or problem you’re dealing with.
  2. Ask for help.
  3. Let go of what you cannot control or change.
  4. Take responsibility for any part you had in creating your current reality.
  5. Focus on taking at least one action daily that can change your reality.


Life can be difficult if we allow it to be. If we accept we can always change our reality, we’ll make more intelligent choices.

By referring to these truths, we’ll remind ourselves we always have a choice and we can create a new reality.

Action Step: Reflect on how you dealt with a major challenge or difficult period in your life. Capture the truths or lessons you learned that you can use to deal with any new challenges you may face.

Question: What are other truths we can remind ourselves of during challenging times?

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