5 Tweaks To Your Morning Routine That Will Make Your Day Better

Simple Things You Can Do Daily to be at Your Best

It’s not a surprise that the better we start off our day in the mornings, the better our day will usually be.

If we start off our day rushing, becoming frustrated or not in a good mood, the rest of our day often tends to continue that way. Likewise, if we start off our day calm, composed and under control, we have a much higher chance of experiencing the same feelings during our day.

Therefore it makes a lot of sense to be intentional as to how we start off our day and pay closer attention to our morning routine. As we typically start off most of our days the same way, it’s intelligent to build in things that will increase our chances of being at our best and doing what we want to.

When I was in my twenties and had a full-time corporate career, each day tended to start off in a rush. As I used to commute between thirty to forty minutes each way to work, I always felt I was running late as I usually gave myself about thirty minutes to get ready, have some breakfast, make my lunch and then drive to work.

I also used to drive during peak periods so the amount of traffic on the road used to get me agitated and frustrated.

How to create a good morning routine

By the time I arrived at work, I often felt flustered and not in the right frame of mind to start my work day well. As my role was managing a manufacturing site, which came with a lot of stress, I was often tense and did not manage my stress levels well.

It wasn’t until years later after I left my corporate career that I was able to learn techniques to start off my day better. Had I known these techniques when I was managing a site, it would have helped me be more relaxed at work and possibly a lot easier to work with.

5 Tweaks to Make to Your Morning Ritual for Better Performance

  1. Give yourself at least 15 minutes of “Me” time. One of the mistakes we make when we get up is to get straight into our day, without giving ourselves any time for personal care. This may require us to set our alarm a little earlier so we can focus on getting grounded, paying attention to our breathing, doing short meditations, doing some light stretches and getting hydrated.
  2. Set intentions for your day. We must start our day asking ourselves the right questions. The clearer we are about what we want to achieve each day, the less likely we allow ourselves to get caught up with things that do not matter. The key is to focus on our highest value activities, minimise distractions and manage our energy well throughout the day.
  3. Focus on who you want to be as much as what you want to get done. The more we focus on the experiences we want to create and the person we want to become, the better our chances of achieving them. Our day should not just be about doing busy work. We also have to be aware of how our work matters to our lives and the lives of others.
  4. Mentally prepare yourself for the unexpected. Even though we can plan out our day and have the right intentions, things can still go wrong. This is where being mentally strong can be a huge advantage. Unexpected things can include new demands, change in priorities, personal emergencies or dealing with interruptions. The better we think of these things ahead of time, the less of an inconvenience they’ll be if they occur.
  5. Pay attention to your work environment. If our physical environment is not set up in a way that supports us doing our best work, it will be difficult for us to be at our best because we’ll use mental energy focusing on things that are not right. The better we design our environments, the more effective we’ll be.

As we start paying more attention to our morning routine, we’ll start to see improvements in how we feel and how well we perform each day. Once we install new empowering habits, we can improve them over time, which will continue to support us being at our best consistently.

Action Step: Start off each day by giving yourself at least 15 minutes before you get into your day. Use that time to set clear intentions and focus on the experiences you want to have each day.

Question: What is something else we can add or improve in our morning routine that will make our day better?

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