5 Valuable Reasons to Embrace Obstacles to Reach Your Goals

Why Your Challenges Can Become Your Greatest Opportunities

Even though they can be unpleasant, there are valuable reasons to embrace obstacles to reach your goals.

Whenever we face obstacles, they affect our emotional state. If we have a growth mindset, we’ll view our obstacles as new opportunities.

If we allow obstacles to affect our motivation and commitment to our goals, it will take much longer to achieve them.

What Makes Something an Obstacle?

Obstacles, challenges and problems are often used interchangeably. Obstacles are things we believe are preventing us from achieving our goals. They are based on our assumptions and beliefs.

Signs something is an obstacle includes:

  • Making up excuses for not taking action.
  • Taking much longer to move a goal forward.
  • Not dealing with something we should.
  • Wanting to quit on something.
  • Allowing ourselves to get distracted by other things.

Most times, when we view our perceived obstacles from different perspectives, we will realise they can become our greatest opportunities.

reasons to embrace obstacles

An obstacle I have faced recently is updating my website. I started the project several months ago and at the time I’m writing this, I have not completed it.

The obstacles I’ve allowed to slow me down includes:

  • Allowing delays from my website developer without adding a consequence.
  • Rewriting copy for different pages, multiple times.
  • Adding pages that are unnecessary.
  • Spending extra time fixing formatting issues with old posts and pages.
  • Wanting all my integrations set up before launching my new site.

A major reason for these delays has been my unwillingness to take imperfect action and make improvements after I launch the website. Knowing I can improve after I launch the website is a big relief.

I am committed to getting this project completed within the next month, so I can move onto other projects and continue to improve my website, as needed.

5 Valuable Reasons to Embrace Obstacles

Embracing obstacles requires a different mindset. Here are five valuable reasons to embrace obstacles so you can reach your goals when you want.

  1. Obstacles provide feedback a new approach is required. If we’re experiencing obstacles, it means something we’re doing is not working. Obstacles can give us greater clarity and cause us to take a new approach. A good mantra to take on is, “Obstacles show us the way.”
  2. Obstacles helps you focus on what’s important. We often allow ourselves to get sidetracked and focus on things that aren’t a priority. Obstacles help us refocus on what’s important, so we can take new actions.
  3. Obstacles build inner strength and resilience. Whenever we face obstacles, our commitment is tested. If achieving something is important, we will find a solution. This will help us develop our mental and emotional strength and also build our resilience.
  4. Obstacles causes you to develop new skills and awareness. It’s often said we learn our greatest lessons after overcoming challenges. When we encounter obstacles, we will need to go to a new level of awareness to overcome them. That will help us become more creative and overcome our problems faster.
  5. Obstacles prepare you for unexpected events. We often label something as an obstacle because we’ve never experienced it. When we work our way through it, we will know how to deal with it again. Every obstacle prepares us to deal with unexpected events better.

Simple Ways to Overcome Obstacles

How we deal with our obstacles often depend on what they are. If we’re dealing with an obstacle, it means there is a solution.

Here are simple ways to overcome obstacles so you continue moving forward towards your outcomes.

  1. Pay more attention to your self-talk. Use positive words rather than self-criticism and judgment.
  2. Use your perspective to see your obstacle differently. How would a mentor or a hero of yours deal with it?
  3. Trust your gut. Learn to tap into your intuition and use it to find new solutions.
  4. Ask for help. Others may offer new perspectives, or support as needed.
  5. Take a new action. Sometimes, doing something different can help get things in motion again.
  6. Decide whether it will require resources or resourcefulness to overcome the obstacles. Most times, it’s your resourcefulness that will make the difference rather than the resources you have or have not got.
  7. Continually develop yourself. Having a growth mindset is necessary. The more you learn, the more awareness you will have to overcome your obstacles.

Final Thoughts

Learning to embrace obstacles can make a huge impact on how we experience life. We’ll always face obstacles, therefore we have to know how to overcome them. If we do, we won’t give up on our goals and continue to improve our lives.

If we don’t learn how to deal with obstacles, we’ll reduce our chances of achieving our goals, which means we won’t achieve the results we want.

Action Step: Assess an obstacle you’re facing. How can you view that obstacle as a new opportunity? Apply the ideas suggested here to continue moving forward towards your goals.

Question: What are other valuable reasons to embrace obstacles to reach your goals?