5 Valuable Reasons Why Powerful Leaders Never Stop Learning

Important Things to Know if You Are in Any Form of Leadership Role

There is a law of the universe which states that any living thing that is not growing, is actually dying. Learning equals growth.

As we live in a universe that is in a constant state of motion, we have to be continuously learning and evolving because nothing stays the same.

If we take our physical health as an example—if we don’t pay attention to it and eat unhealthy foods or stop doing any form of exercise, then it will affect us in a negative way.

Similarly, if we stop learning, we’ll be left behind and won’t be able to keep up with things that are continuously changing.

I remember when I had completed my university studies, I thought my learning days were over. Having spent so much time in an academic learning environment, I couldn’t wait to go out into the real world.

Was I in for a surprise?

The importance of continuous learning

In the so-called real world, very little of what I had learned during my studies at university were relevant for what I wanted to do. The interesting thing was I had learned very little about myself and what really mattered to me.

When I started attending personal development seminars and workshops, that’s when I realised that I had a lot to learn about myself, others and the world. And I have not stopped learning since.

Since the turn of the century, things have started changing faster than ever before in human history.

Continuously learning is now more important than ever before, especially if we’re in any form of leadership role. Here are five reasons why the great leaders of the world never stop learning and why we should consider following their lead.

  1. They set the example for how to lead. Great leaders know that in order to lead others better, they have to lead themselves better first. By engaging in learning, whether that’s through books, events, courses or training programs, leaders can develop themselves faster and also set the example for how others should be leading.
  2. They challenge themselves to new levels of performance. New challenges equals growth. If leaders aren’t challenging themselves to do new things or take new risks, their own performance will be at a certain level, which will reflect back on those who they lead. New levels of performance is achieved by doing things never done before.
  3. They can envision a better future. A great thing about continuously learning is that leaders open themselves up to what’s possible by engaging their imagination. As everything is created twice, by first building the picture of a better future, leaders can inspire others to buy into that future a lot easier than if they didn’t have a compelling future.
  4. They can extract lessons from the experiences of others. Learning often involves tapping into the knowledge, experience, skills and wisdom of those who done or achieved what leaders want to. This is about shortening the learning curve. Connecting with others who have more experience will accelerate a leader’s development.
  5. They predict future trends better and quicker. By engaging in continuous learning, leaders are able to identify changes that will happen in their field or industry a lot faster and respond accordingly. Great leaders anticipate better than ordinary leaders, hence the importance of staying up to date.

Learning is something we, not just leaders, should fall in love with, because one thing that is certain, is that change will be constant and happening faster than ever before. The more we learn, the more we grow, and the more we grow, the better we can serve others, our communities and the world.

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Question: What is another reason why leaders should never stop learning?

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