5 Valuable Reasons Why Your Personal Development Matters

Fri Nov 9, 2018

One of the best gifts we can give ourselves is to focus on our personal development.

Personal development is often considered a lifelong process and journey. It’s the pursuit of becoming our best selves, by expanding our self-awareness and striving to reach our full potential.

By focusing on our personal development, we aim to become everything we’re capable of becoming.

The idea of focusing on personal development isn’t something that would normally come up in everyday conversations. When things aren’t going as expected or as planned, that’s when people tend to focus on their personal development.

Signs You Need to Focus on Your Personal Development

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll know when things aren’t going well in our lives. Some of the signs include:

  • We feel like we’re drifting through life and just going through the motions.
  • We know something is missing, but cannot clearly articulate what it is.
  • We’re distracted, unfocused and not fully engaged in what we’re doing and how we’re living our lives.
  • We’re feel like we’ve “lost ourselves” and what it means to be us or what it means to be happy.
  • We’re unclear on what we want to or should do in our lives, which generates emotions of sadness or resignation.

As we focus on our personal development journey, we’ll discover things about ourselves that will support us in creating the life we want.

personal development

your personal development

My introduction to personal development was at a time when I was questioning what the purpose of my life was. I had done what I was supposed to do, which was to have a good education and a good career. Even though I had the financial and material success in my mid-20s, I was struggling in other areas.

I wasn’t experiencing the joy or fulfilment in my career, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It was after I started my personal development journey, that I was able to find meaning and purpose for my life.

That journey has continued for over fifteen years. I know it will be a lifelong journey for me, as I aim to be the best person I can be.

The sad reality is the majority of people go through life disconnected from who they truly are. They settle for a life they’ve drifted into, rather than design a life they want.

The benefits that can be gained from focusing on our personal development are immeasurable and life-changing.

5 Reasons Why Your Personal Development is Important

There are valuable reasons why our personal development matters and why it’s something we should consider.

  1. You will gain greater clarity. This can be through greater awareness of our values, priorities, purpose and vision for our lives. Greater clarity helps give our lives direction, focus and meaning, which also helps our mental, emotional and physical well-being.
  2. You will gain self-confidence. Confidence is the foundation of everything we want to do or achieve in life. Focusing on our personal development will help us work through where we may stop or hold ourselves back from doing the things we want to. As we gain self-confidence, our willingness to take new risks in life will increase.
  3. You will replace unsupportive habits with supportive habits. As most of the things we do are habitual, focusing on our personal development is a way to be more self-ware of why we do the things we do. Things we may be doing unconsciously that’s not supporting us, will become more conscious to us, so we’ll be able to change them, if we want to. This can help us become more productive and effective.
  4. You will develop mental strength. Personal development introduces us to new ways of looking at things. This will help expand our mindset and develop the ability to better respond to events or circumstances, rather than reacting to them. Better mental strength will result in better mental and emotional health.
  5. You will make better decisions. Where we are in life currently is the result of the decisions we’ve made in the past. As we gain greater clarity and learn more about ourselves, we’ll have a better understanding of what is or isn’t right for us. Even if we make wrong or bad decisions, the mindset or mental strength we’ll develop, will help us course-correct quicker.


Focusing on our personal development will give us greater personal power. The more we develop ourselves, the better we can lead, influence and serve others. The more self-aware we are, the greater impact and difference we can make, and be an example of what’s possible to others.

Action Step: If you are not creating the outcomes you want in any area of your life, consider have a session with a life coach, to get an idea of what’s possible, if you focus more on your personal development. After the initial session, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to do next.

Question: What are other reasons why our personal development matters?


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