5 Valuable Signs You Are Not Falling Behind In Life

How to Know You’re on Track and Headed in the Right Direction

Do you ever feel you’re not where you should be or that you’re actually falling behind in life?

As most of us desire to have the best quality life we possibly can, sometimes our expectations don’t match up with our current reality, which can cause us to feel like we’re falling behind in life.

If we believe things are not going well and we’re not where we should be in life, it can:

  • Decrease our motivation to do what’s required to get to where we want to be.
  • Lower our self-confidence.
  • Cause us to feel unhappy.
  • Generate more stress or anxiety.
  • Cause us to feel disappointed with ourselves.

This is why knowing which signs indicate we’re actually on track and not falling behind in life is important.

How to know we’re moving in the right direction

A few years ago, when I got serious and committed to publish new content weekly on my blog, I felt like I had fallen behind because I had not been creating new content consistently. The thought that I had wasted almost five years was discouraging.

Instead of focusing on what could have been or what I should have done previously, the shift I made was to focus on what I was going to do moving forward. I committed to be consistent with creating new content and focused on adding value to my audience.

Rather than feeling I had or was falling behind, I chose to do what I could to get back on track. Four years later, I’ve created more content than I had in the previous ten years. This is all because I decided to focus on what I could do moving forward instead of what I should have done in the past.

There are always signs that indicate we’re not falling behind in life and here are five of them. Knowing these signs can make us feel better about ourselves and where we are, which in turn, can motivate us to continue doing what’s necessary to get to where we want to go.

  1. You’re willing to pursue things you’re attracted to. Our desires, passions and interests are ways in which we get attracted to things. The truth is we’re always being guided in the right direction. If we are following what we’re attracted to, no matter how big or small they are, that’s a good indication we’re moving in the right direction.
  2. You set goals you want to achieve. Goals give us direction and also helps us focus on what’s important. When we set goals, we’re stating what matters most to us and where we want to be in life. As achieving our goals will cause us to learn and grow, that’s a sign we’re doing well. Marking things off our goals list each year indicates we’re headed in the right direction.
  3. You’re investing in yourself. The more we invest in ourselves, the more knowledge we’ll have about future trends and how we can prepare ourselves better for the future. We cannot reach higher levels of achievement without learning new things. If we’re regularly investing in ourselves via books, seminars, mentors or coaches, then they’re good signs we’re not falling behind.
  4. You’re not willing to settle for the successes you’ve achieved. We’ve all had successes in life. Settling for the success we’ve already achieved indicates a sense of resignation or powerlessness. If we believe we can continue to achieve more success that’s aligned to our dreams, ambitions, values and overall purpose in life, that’s an indication we don’t want to settle for what we’ve already achieved.
  5. You don’t compare yourself to other people’s successes or failures. It’s very easy to fall into the comparison trap and think we’re not doing as well as others. One measure of our success in life should be how much we’ve grown as a person. It can be our self-confidence or willingness to take risks. The only real comparison should be how far we’ve progressed in relation to where we want to be.

The good news is there are always signs that indicate we’re moving in the right direction. It’s valuable to know what to look for in order to evaluate how we’re actually doing in life.

If we don’t have signs, it’ll be very easy to lose focus and give our attention to things that don’t really matter. By knowing these signs, we can always refer back to them whenever we have thoughts of doubt or concern that we’re falling behind in life.

Action Step: Choose one sign that will become your most valuable sign indicating you’re moving in the right direction and not falling behind in life. Whenever you doubt your progress, refer back to this sign to help you get motivated again to continue making progress.

Question: What could be another sign that indicates we’re not falling behind in life?

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