5 Ways Emotionally Healthy People Deal With Uncertainty

How You Can Better Handle Uncertain Times in Your Life

Knowing how to deal with uncertainty can be a major advantage as we navigate through or deal with changes that are happening daily.

Whenever we feel uncertain about something in our lives, it can generate unnecessary stress, anxiety and can also affect our motivation to be the best version of ourselves.

Those who can embrace uncertainty when things are constantly changing are more likely to do what’s required to create and live the life they want.

It’s highly likely that based on what we know now, if we could go back in time, we probably would make some better decisions. We’re always doing the best we can based on what we know.

If we take that concept, knowing that uncertainty will always be a part of our lives, we have to learn to deal with it better. This is where we can learn from those who are emotionally healthy and make better choices for our lives.

best ways to handle uncertainty

What Does Emotionally Healthy Mean?

People who are deemed to be emotionally healthy have better control of their thoughts, imagery, emotions and responses. They are more likely to respond to events rather than react to them.

Instead of letting external circumstances or events dictate how they feel, they choose the emotions they want to experience.

As we develop our mental and emotional abilities, we’ll be able to cope with uncertainty a lot better than if we’re allowing ourselves to be affected by external events.

5 Ways Emotionally Healthy People Deal With Uncertainty

  1. They acknowledge and embrace uncertainty. Change is a part of our lives. There will always be things we don’t know. There will also be times when we don’t know what we don’t know. Instead of generating negative emotions towards uncertainty, we have to accept it and leverage it better.
  2. They focus only on things they can control. Things such as the economy, the weather, or political decisions, are beyond our control, most times. Instead of giving energy to things we cannot control, it’s better to focus on things we can control, which are our thoughts, emotions, actions or responses. The better we manage things within our control, the better decisions we will make.
  3. They have a vision and plan for their life. It’s always helpful to know where we’re heading and where we want to be in life. Having a picture of the life we want to live will become the filter through which we make all our decisions. Creating our life plan will help us get to where we eventually want to be.
  4. They identify what’s critical for their future. Having a vision and plan for our lives is all part of anticipating better. It will also help identify the skills we need to develop, knowledge we should acquire and the people we need to be around so that we can continue to progress towards what we want and where we want to be.
  5. They develop and use their intuition. Feeling uncertain often means we’re giving attention to things externally or outside of ourselves. When we use our intuition, it means we’re going within, and most times, we’ll receive better insights on what actions we need to take. The more we learn to trust and use our intuition, the easier it will be to make better decisions.

The better our emotional health, the better we will cope with uncertainty and not let it affect what we’re trying to achieve. As we learn to tolerate uncertainty, we will discover that things we’re giving attention to, are not as important as we’re making them to be, which can be extremely freeing.

Action Step: Reflect on whether you have had feelings of uncertainty recently and how you have been dealing with them. If you think you can improve how you’re handling uncertain times, check whether you have a vision and plan for your life. If you don’t, spend some time deciding what you want and the type of life you’d like to live.

Question: What is another way we can deal with uncertainty in a healthy way?

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