5 Ways to Be in Alignment With Your Best Self

Things That Will Help Make Your Everyday Experiences Better

You may have heard you must be in alignment with your best self to create what you want in life.

While that sounds interesting, we have to know what it means and how we can apply it.

Knowing how to be in alignment with your best self is valuable to learn as it will bring many benefits.

What Does it Mean to Be in Alignment With Your Best Self?

Alignment is “an adjustment to a line; arrangement in a straight line.” It’s also “the proper adjustment of components for coordinated functioning.”

To be in alignment with your best self implies all aspects of ourselves are in harmony and functioning well.

We operate in different realms at the same time. We’re spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical beings at the same time.

When all aspects of ourselves are operating to serve our highest good, we’re in alignment.

Why is it Important to Be in Alignment With Your Best Self?

When we’re in alignment, we’ll experience:

  • Greater levels of joy, self-expression and creativity.
  • Less turmoil or chaos.
  • Lower levels of stress.
  • Higher self-control or self-discipline.
  • More peace and satisfaction.

When we’re in alignment, things are effortless. We can also reach optimum productivity and performance a lot easier.

be in alignment with your best self

What Happens When You Are Out of Alignment With Your Best Self?

If we’re out of alignment, there are important signs to pay attention to. These may include:

  • Feeling unsettled, restless, edgy or anxious a lot.
  • Having a knowing or feeling something is off or not right.
  • Forcing things to happen because things are effortful rather than effortless.
  • Losing connection to what ignites our spirit or what makes us feel alive.
  • Having health challenges, whether they’re mental, emotional or physical challenges.
  • Not dreaming of what’s possible for us.
  • Numbing out how we’re feeling and masking what’s going on for us.

Having the intention to be in alignment with your best self will make your experiences better.

My biggest wake-up call was having a significant health challenge that led me to search for my life purpose. Having a career that wasn’t enjoyable was a big clue I was out of alignment.

I went on a personal development journey to learn more about what I wanted to do in this lifetime. That has led to a new career, doing work that’s aligned to who I am and where I want to be.

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to reconnect to who we are. When we do, we’ll create more experiences to improve our lives.

5 Ways to Be in Alignment With Your Best Self

There isn’t a right way or one way to be in alignment. As we’re all different, things that may work for some may not work for others. We have to choose what works for us.

Here are five things you can do to be in alignment with your best self so you can have a better quality life.

  1. Define who you’d be if you’re being your best self. We need to have clarity first on what it means to us. What would be happening and how would we operate daily? What would be different to who we are at present?
  2. Ask for inner guidance. Most times, the clarity or answers we seek are already within us. We block out wisdom by constantly being busy and not giving ourselves time to be quiet. We can receive guidance during periods of contemplation and relaxation. Practicing meditation is one way to tap into our inner guidance.
  3. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. We’re always receiving clues or signs to move our lives forward. We have to trust life is happening for us instead of to us. If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Tapping into our intuition is a powerful way to connect to our higher self.
  4. Let go of any preconceived plans or ideas of how things should be. If we have to force something to happen, it’s usually a sign we’re off track somewhere. Most times, things don’t happen as we expect them to. Learning to trust ourselves is a powerful way to let go of needing to know how things will unfold.
  5. Find the right support. We don’t always have the answers. It’s okay to ask others for ideas or help. Having a network of people who are encouraging and supportive will make a difference. They can guide us when we’re off track and get us back on track.


Our biggest clue if we’re in alignment is how we feel every day. If we don’t feel joy or have purpose and meaning behind what we’re doing, it means we’re out of alignment.

If we pay attention to what we’re doing, who we’re being and where we want to be, our everyday experiences will improve. When we’re in alignment, our lives will be better.

Action Step: Give yourself time to reflect on how you feel about your life. What are your main emotions? Next, define what would life look like if you were to be in alignment with your best self. Capture your thoughts in a journal or notepad.

Question: What are more ways to be in alignment with your best self?