7 Amazing Things That Will Happen if You Write Every Day

Mon Dec 7, 2015

Writing can be both a joy and a challenge for us. If we reflect on the history of the world, words have left lasting memories for us.

Each day, words in the form of inspirational or motivational quotes are shared on various platforms including social media. I once read the movie industry would end if people stopped writing.

Think of all the books that have been made into feature films from the likes of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code, to name a few.

Writing doesn’t always have to be in the form of books or movie scripts. Other ways we can use our writing skills include:

  • Journalling.
  • Writing “Thank You” cards or emails.
  • Making lists.
  • Writing a letter.
  • Writing an article or blog post.
how to form the habit of writing daily

benefits of writing daily


I remember when I first wanted to write a book, I had a lot of reservations whether I could write anything worth reading. To build up my confidence, I enrolled in a writing course that provided me with some of the mechanics of writing. It was very different to what I had learned in school so I had to “unlearn” some things about writing.

Over the years, I have completed numerous writing programs, all of which has helped me write four solo books and two books in which I’ve been a contributor. By building up my writing confidence, it has helped me commit to publishing new content every week on my website.

This has helped me grow a brand online and reach audiences in many countries in the world. I now write seven days a week and the more I write, the better I write. There are additional benefits to writing every day, some of which could come as a surprise.

Things That Will Happen if You Write Every Day

Here are seven wonderful things that will happen if you commit to writing every day. The key is being consistent and also being persistent because just like building a physical muscle, your writing muscle will also take time to develop and get stronger.

  1. Writing will clarify your thinking. An unproductive habit is to try to hold things in our minds rather than writing them down. If we try to hold too many things in our minds, we use up a lot of mental energy just to remember those things, which means we’re not creating the space for new ideas to flow through us. Often, just writing things down, like a checklist, can help us look at things from different perspectives.
  2. Writing will develop better discipline. There are two types of pain — the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Committing to writing every day will require a significant amount of discipline initially. Once we’ve turned the initial discipline into a habit, it becomes a lot easier. The easiest way to remember to write every day is to set a recurring reminder on our phone. That way we don’t have any excuses for not writing.
  3. Writing will lead to improved communication skills. With greater clarity comes better communication. As we write more, our vocabulary will improve which will also allow us to explain our ideas a lot better. Writing daily will require us to come up with new or better ways to get our point across to whoever is reading it.
  4. Writing will make you a more veracious reader. As a creator of regular content, I now read a lot more than ever before. With tools available today like RSS readers and various apps focused on providing the most up-to-date content released online, it’s easier than ever to get new ideas. Unless we’re taking in new input consistently, there is every possibility we’ll run out of ideas or repeat ourselves in our writing.
  5. Writing will make you more goal oriented. Setting ourselves daily writing goals is a great way to stay motivated, especially if we’ve been putting out new content regularly. Once we’re consistently achieving our writing goals, we’ll want to also achieve others goals, so writing can be a great impetus for improving ourselves.
  6. Writing will inspire you to write more. The best thing about forming the discipline of writing is that we’ll want to express ourselves in new and better ways. As writing is often one of the initial steps in creating anything new, whether it’s outlining a product or service, it’ll help us offer different or better products and services. Writing consistently will also help us find our voice which means we’ll express ideas in our unique way.
  7. Writing will attract new followers or fans. If we share our writing with others, either through articles on websites or as updates on social media, we’ll attract people who resonate with our message and style of writing. These people can become loyal fans or followers and help share your writing with other people, which will attract more people. The key is to be willing to be authentic, vulnerable and be ourselves.

Writing can be very therapeutic as it’s a process of getting clutter out of our minds onto paper or a software program or app. It’s often said a life worth living is a life worth recording.

As a minimum, we all can write something about our day. If we form the habit of writing every day, I’m convinced it will also make other areas of our lives better. The key is to get started.

Action Step: Download the Evernote app onto your smart device or computer. It’s a free program you can use today to form the habit of writing daily. Start by reflecting on your day and capture key things that happened and lessons you learned. Over time, you can add other forms of writing to your daily practice.

Question: What could be another benefit of writing every day?


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