7 Fun Things You Can Do When Alone to Get More Motivated

Easy Ways to Refocus on What’s Most Important

Whenever we’re working on our own, it can be difficult to get more motivated to do what we have to.

This is especially relevant to those who working remotely or operate their own businesses. We tend to be our biggest distraction.

Most times, we do or feel better when we’re around other people, therefore being alone can be challenging.

Why It’s Important to Get More Motivated Especially if You Work Alone

In most work environments, workers typically have to answer to someone in terms of their performance and outputs. If we’re working alone and are our own boss, we don’t necessarily have anyone to answer to. That can raise some challenges.

Some of the reasons why it’s important to get ourselves more motivated if we work alone include:

  • We’ll accomplish what we want in a timely manner.
  • We’ll carry out our responsibilities and meet expectations.
  • We’ll serve those we need to as best as we can.
  • We’ll feel good about ourselves and the progress we’re making.
  • We’ll challenge ourselves to perform better.

If we know how to get more motivated, it’ll make a big difference to what and how much we produce.

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How to Tell if You’re Unmotivated When Alone

Knowing some of the signs that suggest we’re unmotivated, especially when working alone, can be valuable. Some of these signs can include:

  • Spending hours watch television or playing video games.
  • Scrolling through different social media platforms, reading and commenting on what other people are doing.
  • Avoiding doing the things we know we should be in order to move forward in some area of our lives.
  • Having conversations with people just to pass time.
  • Doing things that may not be important, just to appear to be busy.

To get more motivated again, it’s helpful if the things we can do give us joy. If we have to force ourselves to do things, it’s highly unlikely we’ll continue doing them long-term.

7 Things You Can Do to Get More Motivated if You’re Alone

Here are some simple and fun things you can do if you’re struggling to get more motivated.

  1. Go for a brisk walk in nature. Being outside in nature almost always changes how we feel. This can be a quick 10-minute walk to regather our thoughts and refocus on what we want to do.
  2. Listen or watch something uplifting. Motivation is often generated from external sources. Having inspiring things we can listen to or watch will help us get more motivated. It can be as simple as listening to a podcast or watching a video online.
  3. Laugh out loud. Watching something funny can be motivating as well. There are countless clips we can watch online or we can even watch something that’s very personal to us. Laughter is one of the best ways to change how we’re feeling.
  4. Give yourself a reward for meeting certain targets. Sometimes we need to do whatever is required to get more motivated again. Using rewards can be an effective way to get ourselves into action again. We have to be conscious of our habits and patterns, and not choose a reward that can affect us later.
  5. Set a competition with yourself. The best competition is when we’re competing with ourselves rather than against someone. We can challenge ourselves to do better every time. For example, if we have to write an article, we can set a goal to write a certain number of words daily. Then every day, we can challenge ourselves to surpass the number of words we wrote previously.
  6. Do something creative. Creativity engages our imagination and can spur us to do the things we want to. Examples of creative things we can do include cooking, drawing, scrap booking, painting, writing or mind-mapping. We have to find what gives us joy and will get us motivated again.
  7. Read something motivating. There are books, articles, reports or magazines we can read to get inspiration and motivation. Spending 10-15 minutes to get more motivated can be a valuable way to use our time.


We all lose motivation at some point, therefore it’s helpful to do things to change how we’re feeling quickly. Being or working alone shouldn’t be an excuse not to be more motivated. If we start to notice signs that we’re unmotivated, changing our emotional state will ensure we don’t delay what we need to get done.

Action Step: Create a list of things you enjoy that you can do whenever you’re down on motivation. Use that list as something you can refer back to in order to get yourself more motivated again.

Question: What are other fun things we can do to get more motivated again if we’re alone?

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