7 Helpful Reminders That Will Transform How You Think

There is one thing we cannot escape from and that is our thoughts. It has been estimated that an adult has between 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, with most of them habitual thoughts.

In order to change our reality, we must transform how we think. Awareness of our current thoughts is usually the starting point of any transformation.

If we’re able to intentionally direct our thoughts to the outcomes we want, our whole experience of life will start to change.

A true indication of the types of thoughts we think is reflected in our results. If we are not getting the results we want, it is a good indication that we have to start changing our thoughts and what we’re giving attention to.

how to transform how we think

Many years ago, I had a transformational golf lesson, where I got an experience of the power of my thoughts and how to direct them towards an end result. This wasn’t a typical golf lesson — it was a life lesson.

At the start of the lesson, the instructor asked me to hit a few golf balls down the fairway just so he could get a sense of where I was at in terms of my golfing ability (which by the way, was extremely poor).

All the balls I hit did not land anywhere on the fairway. I either sliced or hooked almost all my shots and I even missed hitting the ball a few times, which was quite embarrassing.

The instructor asked me a series of questions including what was going through mind just before I took a swing and where I was placing my focus. My response was I was trying not to embarrass myself and didn’t want to look uncoordinated.

Not surprisingly, the very things I was trying to avoid ended up being the reality I was creating. The instructor then offered some guidance on how to change my thinking and my focus, which started with being clear about where I wanted the ball to go.

Then he said, “Everything is created twice, first in our mind, then in reality.”. That statement has stayed with me ever since.

By visualising where I wanted the ball to go, my accuracy improved immediately. Not only did I hit most of the balls down the fairway, I also hit them a lot further than before. Just by being able to direct my thoughts and focus better, my reality literally transformed before my eyes.

Since our thoughts have so much power, we must constantly be aware of what we are thinking and adjust our thoughts as required.

Here are seven reminders that will help transform how we think so that we can create the results or lifestyle we want.

  1. Conduct a regular review of your thoughts. This can be daily or weekly via a review or reflection process. One technique to instantly become aware of our thoughts is to say WAIT to ourselves frequently, which stands for What Am I Thinking? Asking that question daily will totally transform our habitual way of thinking as we will be more aware of what we are giving our attention to.
  2. It is okay to have negative or unsupportive thoughts for a short time. It is a problem however, if we allow ourselves to dwell and stew in our negative thoughts for prolonged periods because it will affect our emotions and actions. It is very rare for anyone to take an intelligent action when they’re in a negative state. Therefore, we must shift our focus to the outcomes we want.
  3. Every experience you have is necessary for your development and growth. Also, every experience we have is the result of our habitual way of thinking. While some of our experiences may not be what we want, it is also feedback that our way of thinking is not serving us currently. It’s an opportunity to start changing how we think.
  4. The best way to transform your thoughts is to focus on serving someone else. When we get caught up with what’s not going well or right in our lives, that can easily cause us to get caught up in negativity. When we ask ourselves, “What can I do to make someone else’s day better?”, we automatically shift our focus from our situation to serving others.
  5. Whatever limitations or excuses you argue for, you get to keep. Oftentimes, we may find ourselves questioning our ability to do something new or change something that is not working for us. Once we start making up excuses as to why things are not going well for us or why we can’t do something about it, those excuses become our reality. We must learn to let go and overcome our limitations.
  6. You will always get opportunities in life. There is a saying that we have to be in the right place at the right time to be successful in life. However, that may not necessarily be true. For starters, we have to be aware that we’re in the right place at the right time.

    Also, we must accept that new opportunities will always come by. There is no such thing as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Just because we may have missed out on something, it does not mean that we will never get another similar opportunity again.

  7. We all have an inner critic to deal with. We all have an inner voice that often plants seeds of doubt in our minds, which causes us to delay acting on our dreams. While it is reassuring to know that we’re not alone, it is still our responsibility to silence our inner critic so that we can continue to move forward toward our dreams.

Thought is one of the most potent forms of energy known to mankind. These reminders will serve us during times we feel like we’re not making progress or we feel stuck. If we choose to apply these ideas, we will start to create new experiences and results on a consistent basis.

Action Step: Set a reminder in your calendar, diary or phone to review where you are in life and where you are heading. Use that time to check in on what you are currently thinking about and what you are giving attention to.

Question: What is another helpful reminder that can transform how we think?

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