7 Quick Hacks That Will Make You Mentally Stronger Now

Fri Mar 25, 2016

There is something inherently admirable about people who are calm and can hold themselves well, even when there is chaos in their lives.

Those people are the ones that will come out the other side of any adversity they may be facing, stronger and better equipped to deal with similar or bigger adversities. It comes down to their mental strength and how they process events in their lives.

This quote provides a good definition of what it means to be mentally strong; “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.”

Some benefits of being mentally strong include:

  • Being able to deal with situations with a lot more composure rather than being reactive.
  • Solve problems a lot quicker by staying focused on solutions instead of the situation.
  • Help others stay calm and composed.
  • Cope with stressful situations a lot better.
  • Develop the strength to deal with bigger challenges in life.

Becoming mentally strong is the result of surviving a risk. All the experiences we have in life teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves, how to cope better in difficult situations, and what we can do differently next time. While our life experiences make us mentally stronger, that can take a long time.

7 Quick Hacks That Will Make You Mentally Stronger

To shorten the learning curve, here are seven quick hacks or tips we can apply right away that will make us stronger if we stay consistent and make any necessary adjustments where required.

  1. Create a list of success you’ve had. We’re all successful, depending on our definition of success. When we create a list of successes we’ve had and read them often, it reminds us we’re capable, worthy and deserving of more success. Reading our list of successes affirms we’re already successful, which will boost our level of confidence and self-esteem, and will make us want to have more success.
  2. Identify the major challenges you’ve overcome in life. Just like successes, we’ve also overcome many challenges and hurdles in life. One of the best ways to become mentally strong is to take time to reflect on events that have defined who we are or who we’ve become. All of us have overcome challenges and by eliciting how we did it can also make us mentally strong because we have evidence of overcoming certain challenges in life.
  3. Commit to growing yourself. The biggest investment we can make is in ourselves. That’s why we should never stop learning. The law of the universe states that if something isn’t in a state of growth, then it must be in a state of decline. We can develop ourselves by attending seminars or workshops, reading inspiring autobiographies or enrolling in courses we are interested in. If we’re still alive, it means we have the capacity to learn and grow even more.
  4. Keep track of when you are off course. We cannot improve something if we don’t know what our starting point is. Having an awareness of things that causes us to get off track is important because we can plan for them ahead of time. Answering the question, “What triggers me?” is a good starting point. For example, is it traffic, loud noise, not being on time, or others not sticking to their agreements? If we know what our triggers are, we can mentally prepare ourselves to deal with those situations before they come up.
  5. Be your true self. It takes a lot of mental energy to be someone else or conform to other people’s expectations. When we choose to be our true, authentic selves, we let go of the need to please or impress others. The best thing we can do is to show our true selves while being respectful of other people’s choices and preferences in life. If other people don’t want to accept us for who we are, it’s really their issue, not ours.
  6. Have specific outcomes each day. We get distracted when we don’t have specific outcomes to work towards. Having goals keeps us focused on our priorities which means the trivial, mundane things we give attention to daily just fades away and becomes a non-issue. Once we achieve goals consistently, we’ll want to achieve more goals, which will make us want to continue to challenge ourselves to become mentally stronger.
  7. Take great care of yourself. When we’re not at our best physically, it also affects us mentally. The amount of self-love and self-care we give ourselves play a vital part in how we think of ourselves and how we show up in the world. Getting adequate rest daily and maintaining a healthy lifestyle all contribute to us being mentally strong.

If we apply these ideas daily, we’ll experience a positive shift in our mental attitude, which will lead to improved results.

If we’re not willing to do things differently, chances are we may miss the opportunity to learn more about ourselves because we’ll react to things going on around us rather than choose the outcomes we want to create. The choice is ours.

Action Step: Over the next seven days, apply one hack per day and keep repeating until they become a way your operate.

Question: What is another tip or hack that can help us become mentally stronger quicker?


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