7 Reasons Why You Are Good Enough To Be Successful

There aren’t too many people who don’t want to have more success. As we are beings programmed for growth, we will always have a desire to have more in our lives.

The challenge we face is, quite often, we may lack the confidence or self-belief that we can achieve the success we want. Also, if we’ve already achieved some level of success, we question whether we can have even more success in the future.

There have been times when I have failed to meet my expectations or did not do as well as I could and rather than look for the lessons from the experience, I often beat myself up about it. That usually affects my level of enthusiasm and makes me question whether I am on the right path or not.

The key is to be able to take what we need from all our experiences, good, bad or indifferent, and continue to move towards the success we want to have. It is about having that belief or knowing that we can create whatever success we want. The question is, “How do we know we are good enough to be successful?”

Ways to be more successful

The idea that I could become a best-selling author seemed ridiculous before I started the journey of writing and publishing books. The only experience I had writing anything of significance was my final report for a major project in my final year of university studies. Even then, that was a very technical report for an engineering course, and had no relevance to the type of books I wanted to write about.

I remember when I sent the first four chapters of my first book, Hoops and Freedom, to someone who had editing experience and had offered to provide feedback, I was absolutely petrified. The thought of someone potentially criticising my writing made me so nervous that I dreaded reading the feedback they provided a few days later.

Thankfully, the feedback was mostly positive and encouraging, and I was provided with ways to make what I had written even better. That experience confirmed that I could write books, which has led me to writing more books. As I reflect back on the experience of writing my first book, it made me realise that we all need assurance and words of encouragement that we are good enough to follow our dreams or achieve the success we want to.

Think back to an experience which did not work out as you would have liked. As you remember that experience, here are seven reasons why that experience should not define what level of success you can achieve in the future. The truth is we are all successful and we are good enough to have even greater success.

  1. You have perspective that no one else does. One of the most valuable things we gain from every event or experience is new perspectives, also known as new awareness or insight. Our point of view is valuable because that can give us what we need to move towards our goals a lot easier and faster.
  2. An experience that did not work out is just a learning experience. We only fail when we quit on our dreams or goals. If we adopt the mindset that no matter what happens when we pursue something worthwhile, we will gain new awareness and experience, that will be of tremendous help to us in the future.
  3. If you want something, you have the capacity to achieve it. We are never given a dream unless we have the ability to make that dream come true. We may need to develop new skills, acquire new knowledge, develop new habits and behaviours, but we do have the ability to make any dream come true. It always comes down to why we want our dream and how badly do we want it.
  4. You have overcome challenges in the past and will continue to do so in the future. We have all overcome major obstacles and problems in life. The fact that we are still here is enough evidence that we can overcome any challenge on the way to achieving the success we want. The key is being able to extract the lessons we need to learn from every challenge we face in life.
  5. If something did not work out the first time, it does not mean you failed. What we perceive as failure often is just feedback that a new approach has to be taken. Sometimes things don’t work out for whatever reasons, however that should not prevent us from pursuing what is important to us. We will be required to take new actions to achieve new results.
  6. No matter what you think you have lost, you have also gained something valuable. At times, it is easy to focus on what we have lost when things don’t go as planned. The truth is we also gain from every experience which will help us continue to move towards the success we want. Our responsibility is to look for what we have gained.
  7. Every experience is preparing you for something important in life. There are things we experience that may seem irrelevant or insignificant at the time, however, they are preparing us for something in life that we may not even be aware of at the time. When the time comes, because we have had those experiences, we will be more equipped to deal with whatever situation we encounter.

No matter what has happened in our lives to date, we can absolutely create the level of success we want. The key is being clear on what success means to us and what we are willing to do to be more successful. If we are willing to buy into the reasons mentioned above, we will set ourselves for more success in the future.

Action Step: For any recent experience that did not work out as well as you would have liked, evaluate what you learned from the experience and how it will set you up to be more successful in the future by adopting the reasons listed above.

Question: What is another reason why we are good enough to achieve more success in the future?

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