7 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Break From Technology

Tue Feb 4, 2020

Even though things are better and easier today because of it, it is important to take a break from technology regularly.

It is undeniable technology has made life more efficient, exciting and interesting. Things or processes that previously may have taken longer can now be completed faster and with less effort.

Things technology makes possible includes:

  • Better and easier communication with anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • New opportunities leading to greater innovation and creativity.
  • Ability to learn things faster.
  • Being able to conduct business globally.
  • Greater efficiencies which leads to improved performance and achievements.

Even though technology brings many benefits, there are things to be aware of to prevent over-reliance on it.

With the rise of social media platforms, knowing how to use technology to improve your mental and emotional well-being is valuable.

take a break from technology

reasons to take a break from technology

If you observe how people interact, especially on public transport, you will agree the level of engagement and interactions have decreased significantly over the past two decades.

Instead of having conversations, people are more interested in the devices and checking in on what is going on in the world and in other people’s lives. This is a cause for concern.

In a study of thousands of young social media users, it was found giving up Facebook, even if it was for a week, made them less depressed, more productive and better with money. They were engaged more in healthier activities and made fewer impulse purchases.

With anything positive, there are also negative things to be aware of.

7 Reasons to Take a Break From Technology

Here are seven reasons why you need to take a break from technology so you continue to maintain healthy mental and emotional states.

  1. You will reduce stress and feelings of inadequacy. It is easy to compare your achievements to other people’s, especially when they only share their successes and not their struggles. Avoiding comparing yourself to others will maintain your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  2. You will get better sleep. Using technology before going to bed will affect the quality of your sleep because your brain will be in a stimulated state. Having a sleep ritual, which does not involve technology, will result in better quality sleep.
  3. You will get more things done. Technology is often a distraction and can keep you from doing what’s required. As you reduce your reliance on technology, you will improve your ability to focus.
  4. You will strengthen relationships. Humans need to interact with others. Instead of allowing yourself to get distracted by your devices, having conversations with those that matter most will create deeper and meaningful relationships.
  5. You will improve your health. It’s not healthy to always be “on.” If you’re constantly checking your devices and scrolling mindlessly, you will generate unhealthy emotions. A better alternative is to allow yourself to fully experience the present moment and give your brain a break from unnecessary distractions.
  6. You will save electricity. Even though this may be not as important, if you consider the cumulative effect over a long period, it will make a difference. As you reduce your energy bill, you will be helping the environment and reducing technology emissions.
  7. You will be more content and happy with your life. A simple life is what most people want. Adding in technology increases the chances of wasting time on things of low value and taking away from the joy you can experience.

Simple Things You Can Do to Take a Break From Technology

Here are ideas to reduce your reliance on technology.

  1. Keep your devices on silent or airplane mode so you are not tempted to use it.
  2. Plan more social interactions that are not dependent on technology.
  3. Aim to have a technology-free day once a week.
  4. Give away things you don’t need.
  5. Have clear priorities every day and focus on them only.

Final Thoughts

While technology is useful, it should not become an addiction. As you reduce your reliance on technology, you will create a simpler, less stressful life.

If you continue to rely heavily on technology, you will not develop your ability to become resourceful, which can lead to feeling inadequate and unproductive. The key is to find a healthy balance and use technology to enrich your life.

Action Step: Set an intention to reduce your use of technology by an hour every day. You can use that time to do something beneficial, such as focusing on your health, having a meaningful conversation with someone, experiencing nature and just being.

Question: What are other reasons to take a break from technology?


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