7 Signs Now Is The Perfect Time To Make A Major Change

One of our inherent human desires is to continuously seek more in life, whether it is more joy, more happiness, more success, better health or better relationships.

When we are growing or making progress in life, that’s when we feel most alive and have a high level of self-confidence and self-esteem.

When we feel we are not making forward progress, it can:

  • Affect the way we interact with others.
  • Cause us to have a low level of optimism.
  • Affect our mood, which in turn, can affect the experiences we have each day.

As making progress is built in to who we are and how we function, we typically shouldn’t have to wait for signs to inform us that it’s time to move forward in life.

If you have been waiting for a sign in order to make a major change in life, this is it. The fact that you’re reading this post means now is the perfect time to make a change.

However, just in case, you may waiting for more tangible signs, here are seven of them that indicate it is time to step up and move forward in life.

  1. You have recently experienced a significant emotional event. A painful experience like a loss of a loved one, a health issue or even an accident or injury is often the trigger to make significant changes in life.

    We’ve heard different stories of how people have overcome adversity in order to get to a better place in life. Any time we experience a significant emotional event, it is an invitation to stop and reflect on what is going on for us in life and make new choices in life.

  2. You start questioning the value or importance of what you’re currently doing. This was one of the reasons why I made a major career change. I knew that having a corporate management career wasn’t for me because it wasn’t something I enjoyed or felt it was highest contribution I could make.

    This is why giving ourselves the time to be quiet, reflect and contemplate on what’s most important to us is something we should do on a consistent basis.

  3. You have this inner knowing there’s something else you are being called to do. If we’re honest with ourselves, we know whether what we are doing in life is what we are meant to do. The harsh reality is most of us have settled for doing something that we’re not passionate about or really interested in.

    That has a flow-on effect on how we show up in life, and what we’re willing or not willing to do. Listening to our inner voice is one of the most valuable things we can learn to do.

  4. You find yourself getting frustrated or complaining a lot about your situation or reality. Whenever we complain, what we’re really doing is expressing our preference for something better we’d like. We wouldn’t complain about something if we didn’t have a picture of something else we’d prefer.

    Therefore, once we start complaining about our current situation or reality, what we’re really doing is expressing our desire for something better.

  5. You haven’t truly challenged yourself for quite a while and feel stuck doing mundane things. We experience growth whenever we’re willing to step outside what we’re comfortable or familiar with. As growth is an inherent part of who we are, if we don’t experience growth, that’s when we will feel bored, unmotivated and checked out of life.

    The key is to put ourselves in situations which demand we go beyond what we’re comfortable with.

  6. You have had a dream you’ve been putting off rekindle inside you. Sometimes we may read or watch something or have a conversation with someone that rekindles a desire or dream, and all of a sudden, we have a new lease on life.

    That is the perfect sign that there is something else we should be giving energy and attention to. When we have such an experience, it is not something we should ignore.

  7. You feel like life is happening to you rather than you intentionally designing your life. The sad truth is that most people aren’t intentionally creating the experiences or lifestyle they want. We tend to let life happen to us rather than choosing to design the life we want.

    Whenever we feel we are drifting in life, that is a perfect reason to stop, contemplate and make the necessary changes so that we feel we are making progress again.

There is a law of nature which states that if we are not growing, we’re either deteriorating or dying. Nothing rests or ever stays the same for any significant period of time.

If we don’t take heed of signs telling us to address certain things in life, it can cause us a lot of unnecessary pain, frustration or stress over the long term. It’s time we paid attention to these signs.

Action Step: Out of the signs listed above, choose the one that resonates the most for your situation right now and write down what are some of the things you can start doing differently now.

Question: What could be another sign that’s it’s time to make a major change in life?

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