7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Level

Being able to maintain a consistent level of energy each day is vital if you want to be more productive.

If you’re like me, you probably have days where you feel unstoppable and nothing can slow you down. But you also have days where everything feels heavy, slow and it’s a drag to just get through the day.

I am constantly looking for ways to better manage my energy level and have experimented with a number of things over the years. Some things worked for me and some things did not. The things that have worked now enables me maintain a consistent high energy level every day.

ways to find more energy during the day

Here are seven things that have worked for me:

  1. Exercise your mind. This is necessary to have a sharp and focused mind. Ways to exercise the mind include reading and meditating. Reading something inspirational or motivational puts you in a positive state of mind. It does not have to be for a lengthy period of time – 15 minutes per day is a good starting point. The practice of meditation will allow you to let go of any unproductive thoughts and help quieten your mind. Doing 10 minutes of meditation daily is adequate as you start developing this new habit.
  2. Have an attitude of gratitude. By being grateful each day, it forces you to look at all the things are that going well in your life. It can be very easy to focus on things are not going right because negativity is usually all around us. But it takes discipline to focus on what’s going well and when you do, you will realise that you do have plenty to be grateful for. That positive state will keep your energy high throughout the day.
  3. Do something physical. Doing some type of physical activity can be a great stress release. Whether it is exercise, playing sports or even doing chores if you’re at home, it helps put you in a more vibrant state. This is a great way to have a consistent level of energy throughout the day.
  4. Get enough sleep every night. Research has proved that the average adult needs close to eight hours of sleep every night to allow your body to rejuvenate and recover. This can be challenging especially those who have busy professional lives or have responsibilities at home. However when you do get the required eight hours of sleep, the feeling of waking up refreshed and rested will go a long way in helping you have a high energy level throughout the day.
  5. Drink plenty of water daily. Since our body consists of more than 70% water, it is only natural that water needs to be replenished in our body consistently throughout the day. I drink up to five litres of water per day. It has been proved that one of the most common causes of headaches is a lack of hydration. If you start increasing the amount of water you drink daily, you will notice a difference in your energy level.
  6. Take a power nap. Most people experience a drop in energy typically after lunch. Now this may not be practical or even possible if you’re at work during the day, however I have found that whenever I do take a short nap, I feel a lot better afterwards. Having a 20-minute nap allows me to rest my mind and get over any build-up of tension through the day. I usually take a nap around 4.00pm and I always feel better as a result.
  7. Avoid toxic or negative people. One of my mentors often says to, “Drop out of the ain’t it awful club.” Engaging in conversations that are unproductive or focused on negative things can be draining and demotivating. It is best not to get involved in conversations or activities that do not serve you in the long run. Avoid people who thrive on negativity and maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Question: What are some other easy ways to boost your energy level?

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