7 Simple Ways To Cope When Life Gets Crazy

Being able to cope with the ever-increasing demands on our lives is becoming more and more important.

Our lives are getting busier almost by the day, and there are no signs of things slowing down in the immediate future for most of us.

The speed at which things are changing in the world, especially with technology, can be overwhelming, stressful and cause us to feel our life is crazy and out of control.

The pressures on us can be attributed to our home and family life, work life, social life and other professional commitments. Having adequate tools and techniques to cope with these pressures is now mandatory, not optional.

how to deal with stressful situations

We all cope with stress or pressure differently. While one person may keep everything bottled up inside, another person may turn to stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol or nicotine to cope with it.

What we should always be aware of is the way we cope with stress will have an effect on everything we do, and may also have an impact on those we associate with on a regular basis. Therefore, it is vital that we have the ability to cope when life does get crazy.

Here are seven simple things we can do whenever we feel like things are getting the better of us and life is getting out of control so that we can quickly get ourselves back on track and refocus on the things that truly matters to us.

  1. Slow things down. Whenever we feel like things are always on-the-go, the first step is to slow down. When we allow ourselves to slow down, it helps us gain clarity of thought and see things from different perspectives. Techniques to help slow down include deep breathing, meditation and releasing techniques such as EFT or tapping, Qigong, or The Sedona Method, to name a few.
  2. Focus on what you can do or change. A lot of times, we cause ourselves to get stressed because we give so much energy and attention to things outside of our control. All that does is make us feel we’re not in control and don’t have the power to change things. A more effective strategy is to focus on the next thing we can do and once we do that, focus on the next thing we can do, and so on.
  3. Practice gratitude. Sometimes, when we get caught up with things we think are not going well for us, we can easily forget all the things that are going well for us. The truth is if we’re alive, we have a lot more things going well for us than not going well.

    When we practice gratitude, we automatically start focusing on the things that are working well for us. It is helpful to remember that the more we practice gratitude, the more we tend to find things to be grateful for.

  4. Take a break from everything. This may not always be possible depending on our situation but it can be a very effective way to let go of things a lot quicker. For example, in a work situation, if a particular task or project is causing us a lot of stress, the best thing we can do is stop working on it for a while and focus on something else.

    That break in focus on that project is often enough to allow new ideas to come to us which can often lead to a better, faster solution. Taking a break is also an opportunity to get back to doing what is most important to us.

  5. Re-evaluate your thinking. Our thoughts dictate the emotions we feel, which in turn, determines the actions we take. When we take some to time re-evaluate our thinking when we feel like life is getting crazy, we will find that a lot of our thoughts are unproductive and unsupportive.

    Those types of thoughts are not helping us to get the outcomes we want. Therefore it is our responsibility to change our thoughts and refocus on what we want to create. Here is a quick 20-minute technique to release a lot of unproductive thoughts and focus on the things that are important to us.

  6. Ask for support. When we feel overloaded with work or responsibilities, it could well be because we haven’t been asking for enough help to ease our workload. Most of the time, help is a conversation or phone call away. Before we ask for help, we must be clear on what it is we want and what we require of the person we are asking for help. Only then will this strategy be effective.
  7. Change your expectations. Expectations is an interesting concept. It is often said we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect. On the other hand, it is also said that having expectations can also lead to frustration and disappointment. We must find a happy medium that works for us. One thing we can do is to evaluate what all the things are that we’re currently expecting to happen. Then we should question whether those expectations are actually true or false.

We will all experience stress at some point which can cause us to feel life is getting crazy. Unless we intentionally apply tools and techniques to address it, we will continue to feel that our life is out of control.

If we choose to apply the things mentioned above, we will find that our ability to handle stress will continue to get better and better, which in turn, will help us get the results we want a lot quicker.

Action Step: Next time you start to feel that life is getting crazy, apply one of the techniques to slow down as the starting point, as mentioned in Point #1.

Question: How do you cope when you feel your life is getting crazy or out of control?

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