7 Weekend Habits That Can Benefit Busy Entrepreneurs

For most entrepreneurs, there aren’t enough hours during the week to get everything we’d like to do completed.

Therefore, working on weekends to finish tasks or get a head start for the following week is almost mandatory, especially if you’re a work-from-home entrepreneur.

While there are benefits for working on weekends, it is not a habit that is sustainable over the long term, and if given the choice, most entrepreneurs would prefer to have time away from their work, especially on weekends.

weekend habits of highly successful people

As we are creatures of habit, chances are if you’re a dedicated, busy entrepreneur, working on weekends has become a habit for you.

Here are seven weekend habits to consider developing so that you don’t suffer from entrepreneur burnout and can enjoy the benefits of why you got into business in the first place.

  1. Do something physical. There is usually a build-up of tension and stress over the working week. It is important to channel that energy wisely otherwise it can play out as procrastination or overwhelm during the week. It can be as simple as going for a walk, doing stretches or aerobic exercises, going to the gym, or something more relaxing like yoga or Pilates.
  2. Have a technology-free day. This well could be the hardest thing for an entrepreneur as we are so tempted to check our smart devices many times throughout the day. Technology-free day means no computer, no internet, no social media, no smart devices and no checking of emails. Being able to break out of the technology addiction we have, even for a day only, do can wonders for us over the week ahead.
  3. Catch-up on your sleep. Most entrepreneurs are sleep deprived as we are so conditioned to work anywhere between 10-16 hours per day. Being able to get eight hours sleep during the week is a luxury that most of us cannot afford. Therefore it is really important to give our bodies the rest it needs over the weekend in order to prepare for the week ahead.
  4. Do what you love. Being able to enjoy ourselves and do the things we love is really the reason why we’re in business, isn’t it? The whole point is to take our focus away from our work for a short period of time so that we give our brain some downtime. Activities may include going shopping, watching a movie, show or play, catching up with family and friends, going to a new restaurant or spending time in nature.
  5. Practice stillness and reflect. Building on previous points, we need to be able to just allow our minds to get quiet and practice being still. Anyone who does this consistently will agree that some of our best ideas come to us when we are reflecting and contemplating. This is why meditating consistently is one of the habits that most successful people have. Anywhere from 20-30 minutes at a time is a great starting point.
  6. Celebrate your accomplishments. In the pursuit of more and more success, sometimes we fail to stop and enjoy the successes we’ve actually had. Celebrating our accomplishments can give such a boost to our self-esteem and help generate momentum for the week ahead. Keeping a log of all the successes we’ve had, no matter how small we think they are, is a really powerful habit to develop.
  7. Get ready for your week ahead. To start our week off well, it is important that we have a plan for the week. Therefore taking some time, typically on a Sunday evening, to plan the following week, will reap major benefits through the week as our plan will keep us focused on our priorities. Taking about an hour to plan your next week will transform your productivity and skyrocket your achievements over time.

Having good habits during weekends are just as important as having good habits during the week. For busy entrepreneurs, allowing ourselves to have time off regularly can be challenging however, it is so important that we give ourselves time off so that we can be at our best when it is most needed.

The habits suggested here will make a difference if you apply them. Start with one and add the others over time and watch your results dramatically change.

Question: What is another weekend habit that could be beneficial for busy entrepreneurs?

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2 thoughts on “7 Weekend Habits That Can Benefit Busy Entrepreneurs

  1. Terrific reminder. Let’s all give ourselves permission–and even an order!–to enjoy our weekends. Thanks, Neel!

    • I find that hard at times to get away from all the things I think I need to do for my business. I am getting better at it though. 🙂 Yes, giving ourselves permission is a critical starting point. Thanks Jane, as always.

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