A Powerful Christmas Marketing Strategy

In recent weeks, a Christmas video posted by WestJet Airlines went viral on YouTube which was a testament to great marketing and great customer service.

This is what would be regarded as wowing your customers as at the time of writing this post, it has had over 32 million views.

Here are some important marketing lessons I took from watching the video:

  1. Customers love unexpected surprises especially when they receive free gifts.
  2. Follow through on your promises and over-deliver as often as you can.
  3. When you wow your customers, you will create goodwill that will last a long time.
  4. While there may be a cost to you up-front, think of the long-term benefits.

As a result of this campaign, WestJet Airlines has certainly received a lot of positive publicity which is going to bring a lot of benefits to their business.

Question: What lessons did you take away from watching the video?

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