A Simple Coaching Model To Bring The Best Out Of Others

In my previous posts, I outlined some of the common myths of coaching and the critical mistakes coaches make and how to correct them.

When I first started coaching professionally, I made all of those critical mistakes simply because I didn’t have a coaching methodology or model to guide me through the coaching process.

Coaching is such an important part of leadership today. Managers are expected to know how to bring the best out of people but unfortunately, many managers have not learned the skills of coaching.

This is such an important skill for a manager to have that I wrote a book called Transition from Manager to Coach, to help professionals become better at what they do and better help others by acquiring coaching skills.

Rather than try and explain how to coach in detail here, let me share with you the coaching model I outline in my book, Transition from Manager to Coach.

popular coaching models

Here is a quick overview of The Five A’s Coaching Model.

  1. Aspire. This stage is about forming a clear picture of what the person you are coaching expects to get out of coaching. This is about starting with the end in mind. It is about creating an ideal vision of what is possible and setting measurable goals to reach the ideal vision.
  2. Assess. This stage is about heightening the person’s awareness of their current reality and their current behaviours. In order to reach a new destination, the person needs to know where they are starting from.
  3. Anticipate. This stage explores various opportunities that may be available to move a goal forward and get closer to reaching the person’s ideal vision. It also identifies the obstacles that could come up as they move forward, and looks at different ways to overcome them. This is the planning stage.
  4. Act. This stage is about guiding the person to execute their plan from the Anticipate stage. This is where the person is held accountable for what they have agreed to do.
  5. Accelerate. This stage is about evaluating and improving the person’s progress. As they move closer to their goals, any wins along the way needs to be acknowledged and appreciated, which will help build momentum for more progress.

In my book, Transition from Manager to Coach, I describe each stage in more detail and provides examples of how to apply it during coaching sessions. By following The 5 A’s Coaching Model, any professional can confidently facilitate a process of change and best the best out of themselves and others.

Stay tuned as in a few days, I will be officially launching my book, Transition from Manager to Coach and outlining five reasons why you should consider getting the book.

Question: Why do you think having a model to follow is important when coaching others?

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