5 Truths That Will Keep You Going When Life is Difficult

Things You Can Remind Yourself During Challenging Times

When things don’t our way or when we go through challenging times, we may believe life is difficult.

Challenges times can include:

  • Facing a health issue, either personally or by someone close to us.
  • The loss of a friend or loved one.
  • Relationship struggles, either personal or professional.
  • Pressure working at a job or running a business.
  • Financial difficulties that may generate additional stress.

The Dangers of Believing Life is Difficult

Unless we have a healthy mindset or attitude, holding onto the belief life is difficult can cause:

  • Reduced motivation to do the things required to move forward in life.
  • Lower self-confidence or willingness to take new risks.
  • Emotions of sadness, unease, anxiety, frustration and overwhelm.
  • Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.
  • Additional strain on relationships.

Our experience of life often comes down to our beliefs, the choices we make and the actions we take daily.

Going through challenging times will be something we’ll all experience in our lives. It’s helpful to have reminders or truths we can refer back to, that can get us through those challenging times.

life is difficult

How to Use Frustration as Fuel For More Motivation

5 Powerful Ways to Turn Unpleasant Situations into Positive Outcomes

Learning how to use frustration as fuel for more motivation is a mindset that can be developed.

It’s not uncommon for us to have experiences regularly that cause us to get frustrated. If we don’t turn our frustration into more motivation, it may affect our progress towards our objectives.

Since we generate motivation from within, we have to ensure we’re doing all we can to have a healthy mindset.

Things That Trigger Frustration

Whenever we feel frustrated, it means there is a gap between what we’re experiencing and what we want.

Common things that can cause frustration are:

  • Being unable to do something we want to.
  • Having an experience we deem to be unpleasant or annoying.
  • Not having something go the way we expect it to.

By using frustration as fuel for more motivation or inspiration, we can continue making progress and accomplish what we want.

use frustration as fuel

How You Can Perform Better This Year Than You Did Last Year

Things You Can Do to Elevate Your Performance This Year

As we get started with a new year, it’s normal to want to perform better this year than last year.

One decision we can make to elevate our performance this year is to choose to spend more time with other achievers.

As we become like the people we spend most of our time with, find out why being around other achievers can elevate your performance this year in this post.

perform better this year

Having inspiring and supportive people in our lives will make us better performers. Please revisit this post and find out things you can do to elevate your performance this year.

Question: What is one action you will take that will support you in being a better performer this year?

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Why You Should Aim for Big Breakthroughs This Year

What to Avoid so That You Can Create Outstanding Results

The start of a new year is a really good time to set new intentions and aim for big breakthroughs.

While aiming to have big breakthroughs is valuable, we also have to be aware of what can prevent us from having those breakthroughs.

In this post I’ve previously written, find out the deadly mistakes that will prevent you from having a big breakthrough this year.

aim for big breakthroughs

You will have the opportunity to learn strategies that will help you make this year your best year yet. Read all about it here.

Question: What is one big breakthrough you are aiming for this year?

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Do Not Set New Goals This Year Without Watching This First

5 Things That Will Be Beneficial to You When Setting New Goals

Having well-defined, clear goals is important if we want to achieve what matters most to us this year.

In this short video, learn five things that will improve your chances of achieving your goals this year.

You can read the full post here.

Question: What is one important goal you want to achieve this year?

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How to Complete This Year in Order to Have a Better Year Next Year

Things That Will Help Set You Up to Have Your Best Year Yet

A common mistake people make is to go into a new year without giving themselves the opportunity to review and complete the current year.

If we don’t complete our current year, we carryover things from year, which we may not have liked or wanted to experience, into the new year.

I’ve written about how to complete a comprehensive year review and plan next year, which is worth revisiting again.

complete this year

Please give yourself at least a couple of hours to reflect and journal about your year as you revisit this post again.

Question: What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned this year that you’re willing to share?

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5 Things to Remember During the Holiday Season

Ways to Be Best Prepared for the End-of-Year Festivities

The holiday season is upon us and it should normally be a fun, enjoyable and relaxing time.

On the other hand, if we’re not well-prepared, it can generate additional stress that will make the holiday season memorable.

In this video, find out five things to keep in mind during the holiday season so that your celebrations are more enjoyable. Even though you don’t have to do everything, it will be helpful to be better prepared.

You can read the full post here.

Question: What are some things you will do differently in the new year?

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How to Not Repeat Mistakes From This Year in the New Year

Things That Can Help You Have a Better Year Next Year

No matter how well we did this year, there are always things we can do to improve next year.

Being able to highlight our wins and losses can be valuable as we get ready to go into a new year.

In this short video, learn how you can avoid the mistakes you made during this year, so that you can do things differently and have a better year next year.

You can read the full post here.

Question: What are some things you will do differently in the new year?

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How to Turn Your Stress Into More Success

5 Steps You Can Take to Handle Challenging Situations Better

Being able to turn everyday stress into more success can be a huge advantage as we go through our day.

Depending on our lifestyle, we experience different levels or types of stress. Living with stress is very common today.

Most people will admit they experience some type of stress daily. This may include dealing with home responsibilities, managing work obligations or handling everyday situations.

It’s unlikely stress will ever go away, therefore we have to learn to deal with it better.

The Causes of Stress

We experience stress when we believe there is a threat to our normal way of being. It also can come about if we have to operate differently than we ordinarily would need to.

Whenever something causes us to go into either fight, flight or freeze mode, that’s an indication we’re experiencing stress.

Typically, three areas of our lives generate the most stress, and they are:

  • Our health and well-being.
  • Our relationships, both personal and professional.
  • Our finances.

If these three areas aren’t going the way we’d prefer, it’s very likely we’ll experience high levels of stress. This will affect our ability to create the results or success we want.

stress into more success

5 Happy Habits That Will Change Your Outlook on Life

Simple Things You Can Do Daily to Experience More Joy

Developing happy habits will change how we view life and result in better experiences on a regular basis.

Our innate desire to experience happiness or joy drives most of the things we do. If we ask people what they really want in life, most will eventually say, “I want to be happy.”

Happiness is a word we use to describe one emotion. There are thousands of emotions we can experience, so it’s interesting that we want to mostly experience just one emotion.

If happiness is our goal, we should develop happy habits, because our habits dictate most of the things we do.

Why Develop Happy Habits?

Rather than think happiness is something external or something we need to pursue, we can generate it from within.

If we focus on developing happy habits, some of the benefits include:

  • We’ll have a more positive attitude or outlook on life.
  • We’ll be calmer and more relaxed, which will help us have better mental health.
  • We won’t allow external situations affect us as it may have previously.
  • We’ll interact with others in a more friendlier and pleasant manner.
  • We’ll feel much better about ourselves.

It will require focus and commitment to develop happy habits, therefore we must be prepared to put in the work.

happy habits