5 New Valuable Insights From My Latest Personal Quarterly Offsite

Three months ago, I went away for my first ever Personal Quarterly Offsite and found it extremely beneficial so I made a commitment to myself to continue doing it every 90 days or so.

I recently returned from my latest personal getaway and received some new insights, which I believe will help me close out this year on a good note. One thing I kept the same as my last getaway was I went away for two nights and returned home on a Sunday.

The things I did differently this time included:

  • Chose a better location which allowed me to feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Paid more attention to what I ate while I was away.
  • Maintained my rituals or routines which included doing something physical each day.

In the weeks leading up to my getaway, I really felt I needed a break because I had been juggling many priorities and trying to keep on top on things. Needless to say, it had been a struggle so having some time away was just what I needed.

the importance of taking regular breaks

How To Make Good On The Promises You Have Made To Yourself

We make promises or agreements with others all the time.

While the level of trust others have with us is determined by our ability to keep our promises, the level of trust we have with ourselves is far more important.

Our ability to keep our word says a lot about who we are and what our values are in life. Think back to all the times you have made a commitment to yourself — to do some form of exercise a few times a week, resist the temptation to have that extra piece of cake, or say no next time someone tries to take advantage of you.

How did it make you feel when you were failed to keep your commitment?

Every time we have not made good on our commitment or promise to ourselves, we lose trust in ourselves to follow through on what we had set out to do. It is hard to keep promises with others if we are unable to keep promises with ourselves.

how to keep your commitments

My First Personal Quarterly Offsite – 5 Valuable Lessons Learned

I recently had my first ever Personal Quarterly Offsite and it was both rewarding as well as challenging. I’d like to share some of the things I learned and what I will do differently next time.

You may be wondering…what is a Personal Quarterly Offsite?

It can also be called a mini-break, a short getaway or a personal retreat. The idea is to go away from your normal environment (your home and work) and take some time out to reflect on your life.

As a business owner, I’ve known about the importance of getting away from my business, however I just hadn’t made it a priority.

A few months ago, I listened to an interview Michael Hyatt, author of Platform and founder of Platform University did with Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism. During that interview, Greg stressed the importance of taking a Personal Quarterly Offsite so I made a decision it was something I absolutely had to do.

I booked a room for a couple of nights at a resort in a tranquil location, an hour and a half from my home, and drove there late on a Friday afternoon. I took most of Saturday to reflect and capture my thoughts, while allowing myself to experience the beauty and stillness of being in a natural environment.

how to have a personal quarterly offsite

30 Provocative Questions That Will Cause You To Reflect On What You’re Doing With Your Life

Being able to take time out and reflect on our life is extremely valuable, especially as most of us are leading very busy lives.

Whenever we reflect on all the things we have going on in our life, it gives us the opportunity to assess whether what we’re currently doing is moving us toward what we want or taking us further from what we want.

how to discover your life purpose

5 Reasons Why Reviewing Your Year Can Set You Up For More Success Next Year

As we draw closer to the end of another year, it is extremely beneficial to pause and reflect back on the year gone by.

Usually on the last day of the year, television channels will show the main highlights and lowlights of the year from a news perspective.

It is always fascinating to see all the things that made the news during the year so it makes a lot of sense for us to reflect on our highlights and lowlights as well. The process itself can take between 30 minutes to an hour as outlined in this post.

end of year review

My 10 Most Popular Posts Of The Year

During the course of this year, the number of visitors coming to my website has steadily increased, which is always a good thing.

Staying consistent with creating new and regular content is still challenging however the rewards are well worth the effort.

Here are my ten most popular posts for the year based on the number of clicks on each link, the amount of shares on social media and the number of comments made.

10 most popular personal development blog posts

My Top Ten Favourite Books Of All Time

From time to time, I get asked to name which book has had the biggest impact on my life.

While it is challenging to narrow it down to one book, what I thought I’d do in this post is to share my favourite ten books.

Since it’s almost the holiday season, this can be a really good time to read these books, if you haven’t yet done so.

business books reading list

15 Things You Can Do To Have More Fun This Weekend Without Breaking The Bank

We all like the idea of having fun. Unfortunately, for most business owners and entrepreneurs, having fun is one of those things that we “hope” we can fit in around our busy work schedule.

The sad truth is that most business owners and entrepreneurs are going about this the wrong way.

Rather than trying to fit in the things we love or really want to do around our work, it is much better to schedule things we can do for fun just like a work appointment.

It is unrealistic to think we’ll make this major shift of scheduling in fun activities and potentially compromise our work commitments straight away. However, we can start taking back our weekends as an initial step to start off with and give ourselves permission to have a break from the work we think we need to do.

fun tips for business owners

5 Easy Ways To Find More Time To Read

There are many cute phrases that describe people who read. They include:

  • Readers are learners
  • Readers are writers.
  • Readers are winners.
  • Leaders are readers.

Personally, I find reading to be a crucial part of my personal growth. When I read, I get the mental stimulation I need to generate new ideas, be creative or innovative, plus it also improves my vocabulary and my writing skills. If I am not reading regularly, I feel stagnant.

ways to find more time to read

10 Small Wins You Should Celebrate Every Week

In the process of striving to achieve more and more, do you sometimes fail to stop and celebrate what you actually have accomplished?

For a long time, I had gotten into the habit of moving onto the next thing after I had completed or achieved something I had set out to, without taking the time to stop, reflect, acknowledge and celebrate what I had achieved.

In recent times, I have given myself permission to actually slow down and celebrate an achievement before moving onto the next thing, which I have found to be extremely beneficial.

how to celebrate success