What Were Some of Your Highlights This Year?

With only a few days left this year, it will be beneficial to reflect back on your highlights of the year.

In previous posts, I wrote about the benefits of reviewing your year and how to review your year.

In this post, I’d like to share a couple of my highlights from 2013 that I’m proud of.

review your wins during the year

  1. Visiting Boeing sites in Seattle. I was fortunate enough to visit both Boeing sites, at Renton and Everett, this year. Having being fascinated with aeroplanes from an early age, I particularly enjoyed witnessing how the Boeing aircrafts were assembled. The sheer size of the factories is astounding. Anyone who has an interest in aircrafts, I would highly recommend visiting a Boeing.
  2. boeing site

    boeing site

  3. Achieving No. 1 Best-Seller Status on Amazon. In September, I officially launched the Kindle version of my book, Building High-Performing Teams on Amazon, and within a few hours, the book reached No.1 for both its categories. I had an excellent team of promoters and supporters and it is mainly due to their support that the book did so well.




    In fact, the book stayed at No.1 for both its categories for over 60 hours, which is quite incredible considering Amazon updates its lists every hour. I am extremely grateful to everyone who bought a copy of my book and for everyone who helped promote the book.

These are just a couple of highlights from this year. There were many more which I’ll be acknowledging during my end of year review process.

Question: What were some of your highlights this year?

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